Monday, January 2, 2012

My Gift and the sweaters

So the story with my gift is a little lengthy but deserves telling. A few weeks before Christmas we were in Eli's room playing with toys, Ruby was drawing on the magnadoodle and we have a little chat:

R: Where is a good place to buy clothes?
A: Macy's is a nice place.
R: I need someone to take me.
A: I could take you.
R: No you can't because it is for you.

Then she covered mouth and started bawling.

A:What's wrong?
R: The surprise was for you and I ruined it.

I was so seriously touch by the idea of her wanting to give me something, it so nice to be thought of and to have the desire to give be so sincere and pure. She is so thoughtful. I told her that when you want to surprise someone you talk to someone other than that person and they will help you. I suggested she get a piece of paper and draw pictures of some of her ideas and then we would seal it with a sticker and she could put it on Daddy's pillow so he could look at it when he got home from school and I promised not to look.

On the 23rd, my sister invited me to go into town with her. This is when they put their plans into action. Emma slipped an said what it was and Ruby was so mad. I pretended that I forgot and all was well again.

When my gift was opened, the girls were so excited and kept saying "You used to always get this for Christmas and we wanted to make sure you got one." Jed and I cried and he told me all the facets that went into this gift. The girls drew over 20 pictures and they picked the best from the pile. Jed created the calendar section, and they all glued, and Jed used his handy drill to create the holes since he couldn't find the hole punch. He is so handy. It is such a treasure to me, and Suzanne laminated it for me so it will last.

These are the sweaters. I felt this picture was perfect, because this is exactly how my kids are during picture taking time. Both are trying to keep Eli happy and in place and their care for him is so evident.

Eli's has a cowl neck with a button, he looks so handsome in it. Emma's has a hood and the pattern you see on her arm goes all the way around the body and Ruby just looks so grown up to me. Let me just say, I love sweaters, but especially these particular sweaters on these little loves.