Monday, September 20, 2010

Coming home

As of yesterday, we have lived in our home for 1 year. We love it here. I knew that when we moved it would take me a while to get comfortable and get to know people, but I have been out of that transitional phase for a while and I know that we were meant to be here. Our ward is so amazing, and I feel like we have just been so readily welcomed and accepted.

We said for years that we would never move out here and when it came down to it and placed bids on some homes, we would place our offer and then I would feel anxious yet very relived when we were told that it didn't work out. We started looking into building and I feel like this is the street we were meant to be on and the ward as well. It feels like home to me and I would be content to stay here for the rest of my life, unless Heavenly Father has another course for us.

It is always so interesting how things just fall into place, and something that felt wrong for so long, felt right when the time was right. Does that make sense? I love how quiet it is here at night and the millions of stars that we can see, we have so many people here that are our age with young children.

The one thing I don't love is the weeds. :) It is amazing how something that is given no water or nurturing can flourish so easily out here. It gives me a greater appreciation for Adam and Eve. :) Gratefully, Jed and I spent 9 hours a week and a half ago clearing our yard of weeds, it was so much work, but I am so glad we got it done otherwise Jed would have been out there alone, getting them all up. When we finished I told Jed "I don't ever want to have to pull all of those again."

1 year ago, when we moved, I was so emotional. I was happy to be here, but sad to be out of my comfort zone and I missed our previous ward. So much has changed since that time. I have so much gratitude for the place we came from, and also the direction we are going. We are home. I love that feeling.

*As a side note, all of my recent posts have been done on Jed's lap top which doesn't have a port for the memory card from our camera. I have pictures to post, but I haven't been going downstairs very much to use the desk top. So sorry for the lack of pictures. I will go back and update each post with pictures when I get around to it.

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Wednesday in the park

After finishing my previous post this morning we had plans to go to the park with Sarah and Brody. Eli fell asleep in his exersaucer so I decided a nap was in need. Jed kept him while he studied and I took the girls with me.

There was a great little 1/8 of a mile walking path around the field by the playground we made a few laps and by the end of our second to last Emma started to cry that she wanted me to hold her. I told her to be tough and finish it and that I knew she could. She continued to cry and so I told her if she could finish the last stretch we would all cheer for her. Ruby was at the end and as we finished she shouted out a big cheer for Emma. Then Ruby asked that if she finished one more lap could we cheer for her at the end. I told her that most definitely we could, and with that she started off. I started to follow her and Emma came along. As we got to the end Ruby started to run to the "finish line" I wanted to be there when she came in so I picked Emma up and started to jog with her on my hip. There was a bit of mud on the path, and if you know what Eagle Mountain mud is like, you know you don't want to step in it. I made my way around it, and in what seemed like a split second, my foot went off the lip of the path and my leg went out from under me.

Emma popped out of my arms and landed on the path and I knew that I was hurt. Sarah was walking towards us with Brody and asked if I was ok and what happened. I explained and we tried to get me up. It hurt to put any pressure on my left foot. Sarah helped me bear my weight and I jumped on my other foot, but I could feel the impact in my left foot. Sarah insisted that she could carry me to the car. In any other instance I would have done it, the girl is wonder woman for Pete sake, but with her being 24 weeks pregnant and me lacking the ability to even jump that high, I asked her if she could get the kids on the car and I would meet her there. I got there eventually by crawling. It was the least painful way.

I drove home and Sarah called Jed so he would be waiting to help me out of the car. By the time we got home the area right above my ankle was the size of half a baseball. Jed helped me in and I rested on the bed and fed Eli while Jed helped the girls get some lunch. I think they both cried enough for the 3 of us. We had to keep reminding them that the best way to help me was to eat their lunch so we could go to insta care.

When we arrived they got me in pretty quick. Jed stayed in the waiting room with the kids. I was embarrassed but appreciated the offer of a wheel chair. The Dr. looked at it and then I was taken back for 3 x-rays. They told me I had fractured my fibula and that they were going to splint it and then I needed to make an appointment with a Orthopedic specialist as soon as possible.

I have been pretty ok, but I have been discouraged as I have wanted to do things. It is so amazing to me the things I take for granted that I could do for myself just this morning that I can no longer do. I am just like my mom, I don't like to sit still for to long, or I will see something that needs picking up and I want to get it. Jed assures me that as soon as they see me and figure out what needs to be done, it will be easier. I think the hardest thing for me is not being able to pick up Eli. I can follow the girls around on my crutches, but I can't transfer Eli and myself. Jed has completely stepped in and is now running the show.

We went to the orthopedic this afternoon and they said it is a clean break but it is a 1/2 inch from the bottom of the bone. So as long as I keep weight off of it and it doesn't shift than it will be able to heal itself in the walking boot. I go in next week for x-rays to make sure it hasn't shifted and then we will go from there. Like I said before, life goes on and I shall indeed be fine.

Life goes on.

No matter what our circumstances may be, time marches forward and life continues. It is a good thing. Jed has had a couple interviews and yesterday he had one in the morning, and was asked to come back for a second that afternoon. So he stayed up in Sandy and I got a call about 4:30 where he told me he accepted the position. He will be working for a multi-insurance broker firm, that helps people customize their insurance to their exact needs. I could go upstairs and ask the companies name but don't want to bother Jed while he is studying for his insurance license. It is commission based, and normally that would make me anxious, but Jed felt good about it, and he is happier than I have seen him in a while. Not that he has been grumpy or anything like that but more so that his sense of purpose has returned and he is looking forward to this new challenge.

Eli turned 5 months on Sunday. He is such a joy to us. He is back in his hard casts at night to help extend his fingers so they are less curled. He is doing well with them and we are seeing so much improvement. Well it is improvement to me. He is starting to lay his hands flat during feeding, grabbing his clothes and blankets, he took the spoon from me yesterday whilst eating his pears, and he is gaining strength in his hands, I can see it in the way he can hold his toys for longer periods, and can also pull his jiggly elephant down. All of these things to me are the glimmer of hope that he is going to continue to improve. He tries so hard and I love this gentle boy so much. he also cut his second tooth that afternoon after conference, I then understood why I didn't catch a word of Boyd K. Packer's talk. :)

As for his seizures we started his medication on the 15th of August and he had a month period of respite from them. Then on the 4th of September he started having them again. Not the kind where he convulses and falls asleep after wards for long periods of time, which is good but they are still happening, he has been having about 3-4 a day the medications seems to subdue them but it's not stopping them. My guess is that he he went through a period where he wasn't having them and then when he started having them, his med dose isn't high enough to stop them. It is frustrating to me, but I am grateful for the mildness of them. We have an appointment next week so we can discuss the options with the PA.

We had Stake conference on Sunday. It was broadcast from the Marriott Center on the BYU campus. It was incredible. I have been thinking so often about the impressions I received there. I am grateful that the words that were spoken helped me personally. I truly believe that the speakers were inspired to deliver the messages they did and I also left with a greater appreciation for our pioneer heritage. The Gospel of Jesus Christ blesses my life everyday. It brings me so much happiness.

That afternoon we took so pictures of the kids. Eli refused to sit, hence the look on his face, he was arching up so he could stand. I have a feeling that future picture takings will be in this likeness. They are all in such a funny stages, and I know that these very poorly composed pictures will bring me giggles and sweet memories for years to come.

Monday, September 6, 2010

My calling

Some of you may know about my calling, but perhaps there are some that don't. I am the primary chorister in my ward. I officially started on July 4th. I love the primary songs and being with the children. There are a few things about the calling that made me apprehensive at the beginning.

-The previous chorister was still in primary and I didn't want to let her down, she did a great job.
-I don't know how to read music or lead to save my life.
-I love to be silly but was worried what some of the teachers would think of me.

When I was first called, people would ask if I liked my calling. I would be honest giving them an answer that usually sounded like this: "I like it but..."

After having been in there for two months and wearing my purple wig as a reward for the children learning their song, I am feeling more confident than ever. I LOVE my calling.

Here are some things that have helped me greatly.
-The sister that was the previous chorister has told me that I am doing a great job, I needed that affirmation for some reason.
-I have to learn songs that I don't know by hearing them repeatedly. Jed has made it a super simple process by putting them all on the ipod and then I just listen to them while I cook or am doing something in the kitchen.
-I realized that even though I am always off beat when I lead and my Relief Society arm waves hello to the children sometimes, as long as I am enthusiastic and we are having fun it doesn't matter.
-We have amazingly kind teachers in our primary. Eli always comes along for the third hour since Jed teaches in Young Men, and occasionally for second hour as well if they need Jed to help with Sunday school for the youth. At times I have lead while holding Eli when he is sad and without fail, a teacher will always come up to me and offer to hold him, or take him out in the hall if needs be.
-If I just be myself, the week goes well. Primary is the place to be, my testimony is strengthened by the beautiful music, and the powerful words. I also always enjoy the enthusiasm of the sunbeams. They make me happy.