Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Ruby's Christmas program and 24 weeks

On the 18th Ruby had her School Christmas Program. It was so fun to see her singing all of the songs and seeing what they had learned in the past months. Ruby was the second one from her class there and it was so cute to see her greet her friends as they came in, it always involved a big hug. These are Ruby's really good friends, Summer and Jackson. Ruby misses school and asks everyday if she gets to go back to school tomorrow. But as for myself I am enjoying having her home for these two weeks and not having to rush to get the girls out the door.

I had my 24 week appointment on the 15th. Eli's heartbeat was 137. I'm not really sure what my weight gain over the past 6 weeks is because my Dr. was on vacation so I didn't get the usual update on all of that jazz. I am however measuring at 26 weeks, and again they checked me twice and asked if I feel concerned about anything. Should I be? It will be nice to go to my 28 week appointment and get to meet with my Dr.

We got snow yesterday and I shoveled the drive way twice. I was exhausted and went to bed at 9:20 which is very early for me. Jed didn't get home until 10:20 because he was up watching BYU in their bowl game. Jed wasn't happy when he found out that I shoveled the drive way and made me honor bright that I wouldn't do it again. He doesn't have to worry about that. I have learned my lesson as I am feeling it today.

Jed has Christmas Eve off for the first time in our marriage. I am so excited! When we were talking about what to eat for Christmas Eve dinner since we don't have a set tradition Jed said "I think I have only cooked dinner twice since we have been married. Can I cook our dinner?" Jed cooking dinner also comes with him doing the shopping and doing the dishes. It was his finest idea yet. I am looking forward to this.

Monday, December 14, 2009

The catch up

Now that I have my pictures it is time to do a wee bit of postage. Ruby's birthday was very fun. She absolutely knew it was her birthday and thrilled when she would receive phone calls, before she would put the phone to her ear she would ask "What do you think they are calling to wish me?" She enjoyed every minute of it and would also ask, "Can we do this because it is my birthday?" And just for the record, I hate hearing myself on these interview video's. But it is for posterity sake. So just ingnore my annoyingness. Oh how I wish I was Barbara Walters.

During Emma's nap, I shoveled the drive way and Ruby built a big hungry bear and fed him strawberries and even got our 15 year old neighbor to come over and help her for 15 minutes. It was very nice of Sarah to come assist feed the bear. Ruby loves the snow and I thought it was so fun that she got to enjoy the snow on her special day because the night we went to the hospital it snowed like crazy and we had to be up there by midnight for my induction. I told Suzanne that I wanted a snow baby while I was eating them out of house and home because I was worrying that I would be hungry while I was in labor. I had nothing to worry about.

We played lot's of game and watched Snow White while the pigs in a blanket were cooking (Ruby's request) When Jed got home he brought her gift in, it was still in the box because he was a bit grumpy that she found it and was informing my cousin Lanette and her husband Shaun that the bike was her birthday present. Not that she could ride it anyway with all the snow. So it is still sitting in our garage and every day that she goes to school she looks at it and asks when daddy is going to set it up.

The girls had their well checks last Friday, Ruby was a bit unnerved when the told her she had to undress down to her panties. So the nurse gave her to option to wear a gown, she agreed until she saw the gown and told me that her panties were fine.

Emma did very well this time and wasn't scared in the least like she has been in the past. They both got their flu shots and Ruby got her kindergarten shots. I was impressed how well she handled it, everytime they gave her the next vaccination we would see who could make their mouth the widest to take her mind off the shot. After they put bandaids on she asked "Am, I immune now?" I think she got that from Sid the Science Kid. Got to love PBS.

We also schedule Ruby an early appointment with her Opthamologist because her glasses don't seem to be helping with her eye wandering. Sometimes she is fine and her eyes are straight and other times not. I worry that somehow 2 months could make a difference, and I don't want to let it go. I also worry about her having to have her eyes patched, and how she would handle it. So we will be up at PMC in January to see what we can do to help her. Her vision has improved immensly though. And I keep reminding myself not to worry until I have something to worry about.

Here are there stats.


H: 42 in.
W: 44 lb.
She is in the 90th percentile for both, and Dr. Ramsey said she was very well proportioned.


H:33 1/4 in.
W:25 lb.

She was in the 30th percentile for both.

I also found this little gem. The girls were in the kitchen playing ring around the rosie with their dolls while I was cooking breakfast.

Wednesday, December 9, 2009


I my ms pro driver isn't working, I can't upload pictures and videos this will just have to be a wordy post.

-Today I took Ruby to preschool and she walked into class and saw her friend Jackson (who has been sick for the past week) and turned to me and said "Mom. my boyfriend is here!"

-I bought groceries to roughly last 2 weeks minus needing more milk and a refill on fruit. It turns out that it will indeed last me for 3 weeks. I am very happy about that. We have had a lot of invitations for dinner, or have gift cards to go out to eat.

-I just finished reading The Christmas Sweater and loved it. I wish I had more Christmas reading material to devour, or really just something to read.

-We played 6 games of Candyland and 3 rounds of Disney Princess Memory. Ruby is really good at it.

-Emma is having a hard time keeping her hands off the last three pieces of my Nativity (The rest were broken by well intentioned hands last year.) And has been entertaining herself by dancing with Joseph, and saying "Come on Jesus, it's ok." , putting them down for naps and hiding them so we have to find them.

-While we were playing Memory, we had a little conversation:

Me: "Are you ready for your snack, Beetle?"

Ruby: "I am not a beetle!"

Me: "What's wrong with being a beetle?"

Ruby: "Because I am not a beetle who pushes poop."

Me: "How did you know beetles push poop?"

Ruby: "I saw it on Dinosaur Train."

Me: (Failed to suppress my cackle.)

Ruby: "Don't laugh! Poop is not funny."

I called Jed as soon as she told me that so he could share in on the humor that Ruby was taking very seriously.

Friday, December 4, 2009

The Festival of Trees 2009

Yesterday we got to go to The Festival of Trees with my mom. We had so much fun! I loved getting to spend some quality time with my mom and support such a good cause. For those of you that don't know, people decorate and donate Christmas trees, gingerbread houses, quilts and other items that go on the auction block, and all of the proceeds benefit Primary Childrens Hospital. It is such a wonderful event. Many people or groups that donate trees do it in memory of a loved one who has passed away. Each tree has a theme and sometimes a story as to why it was decorated in a specific way, and many also have a picture of the person it was donated in memory of. I started to get emotional as we started our pathway through the tree display and my mom told me to stop it or I would get her crying. Indeed she also ended up in tears. There we so many trees made in memory of small children or infants. It was such an emotional thing as we walked through, one thing that was an unexpected surprise to us was a tree donated by a family we knew who's son is Spencer's age that is a cancer survivor. I love the festival and how it blesses the lives of so many. I am always touched as I see how many people volunteer and how much they give. I heard a stat on the radio this morning that the Festival raises 1 1/2 million dollars for the hospital. It was a wonderful afternoon.

The girls enjoyed seeing trees that were decorated in Fancy Nancy fashion, snowmen, Disney characters and they always pointed out ones that had a nativity that went along with with the sale of the tree. Ruby commented at one point to my mom as we walked passed one with a Nativity that Christmas is the night of Jesus birth.

As we finished walking through the trees we stopped at the kids corner and did some activities.
Our first stop was at the fairy wand station. Ruby picked a red one, and Emma picked a purple one.

We also hit the fishing pond and Ruby started out with a purple rod and then when she saw they had a red one she asked if she could switch.

The other stop that is a must on our list is the bubble machine. Ruby was a little scared last year and hugged herself as it came over her but this year she really enjoyed herself. Emma wanted to try but I only had one ticket left so my sweet mom got one more so she could have a turn, and yes you can always count on my to pull an utterly ridiculous face at any given time.

Also we got good news at Emma's endocrinology appointment, her body is being consistent with the test results! Yesterday was our last visit with Dr. Swinyard. That puts big smiles on our faces.