Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Some thoughts

-My 28 week appointment went well. Eli's heartbeat was 138, I have put on more weight than I care to admit. I passed my glucose and iron tests, but it was yucky eating the king sized Snicker bar in 5 minutes an hour before the test. I was also measuring at 30 weeks.

-I have been doing a lot of reading in some of my pregnancy books, and I am beginning to wonder what it would be like to go in to labor on my own. I haven't yet had that experience but at the same time worry being so far away from the hospital. The idea excites/frightens me. I have also read a lot of things about the risk of being induced, but both girls have been given a little "ushering" and they did just fine. It will be interesting to see what happens. I am getting to the giddy stage where I am constantly thinking about what Eli will be like, what I need to shop for and what I need to do to prepare my girls.

-Ruby's eye therapy is going well. She willing wears her patch and does what she needs to but the challenge is having enough materials to keep her eye working hard to produce the effect we are hoping for, and also new things so she doesn't get bored. The end of January will be the remedy to that so I can go buy supplies.

- I am finding so much joy in watching my girls play together. They like to play house and take care of each other. It is so funny to hear the things they say and how creative they are. They are such good friends for one another. They bring me so much happiness. It is also so fun to see them play with cousins and the special relationships they are building.

-I have been in an artsy mood, I have dug out all of my projects that need finishing, as there will be no time for projects for a while once Eli is born. I also discovered that the sewing machine that I swore up and down that it didn't work and I once threatened to toss out the window, is working quite well. I think it was the user and not the machine. If I get projects finished, I will post them. Tonight I am going to my sisters to sew the bindings on Emma's quilt and to get it pinned so I can hand stitch the binding. I am looking forward to it being on Emma's bed.

Saturday, January 9, 2010

January took off...

I have always counted December 31st as a part of the New Year simply because it they coincide and one day leads to the next. Normally the past couple of years we have just spent New Years at home, because it is hard for the girls to stay up late and then have to travel home. But we were so excited when we arranged to have Lanette and Shaun come to celebrate New Years with us. Our girls absolutely adore them. We had a fun evening of playing Beetles Rock Band, TTR and Risk. We are always so pleased when we find people who love risk as much as we do. The "Tyrant" won around 2:30 in the morning. I think we were all completely exhausted. We had such a fantastic time having them here with us, and are grateful that they are willing to submit themselves to our brand of craziness. Sadly the only picture I got from the evening was of Ruby working her magic on the drums.

Saturday the 2nd, we found the perfect bed for Ruby. We have been looking around for a little bit because at the girls well check Dr. Ramsey said it was time to move Emma out of her crib because too many kids jump out and hurt themselves. We were initally thinking of just getting her a little metal bed frame and a mattress but we found an awesome bed on ksl for less than what we could have gotten just a mattress for. It was quite the squeeze fitting it into our van with the girls, but gratefully it worked. Ruby loves it and we call it her princess bed. She now resides in the basement, and Emma has taken on the toddler bed. I was completely worried about the transition simply becasue it was so hard on Ruby when she was two, but to our amazement. Ruby loves the basement and Emma is good about staying in her bed and just going to sleep (most of the time).

When I was reading a friends blog a couple of months ago she shared a challenge that she did that month. She dubbed it "No spend month." Which meant spending money only on necessities. Like groceries, bills, and mortgage. We decided that we would institute that this month and see if we could do it. I look forward to seeing the checkbook balance at the end of the month. :)

We thought it would be a good idea to start potty training Emma before the baby came. What a laugh that was. She had constant accidents and didn't seem to get what was happening or even notice anything different when she went on the potty. After three days and running extra loads of laundry to make sure she had clean panties to continue the process we decided that she wasn't ready and that we will give it a go later. Much to my relief.

I got a call for Jed on Wednesday right at he was leaving work, he told me that his 4runner sounded like a monster truck and walked around his car and discovered that a 2 foot peice had been sawed off his muffler. He filed a report with the police and then went to have it fixed because he couldn't drive fast than 30 miles an hour without the sound being unbearable. Jed took it to Master Muffler, and they said that this is the 6th muffler they had replaced this week. We couldn't figure out what they would want with that peice of the muffler and were told that it is the catalytic converter they wanted, and that if they are good it can be removed in about two minutes. So 366.00 dollars later Jed has a new muffler. I was in a rage about it the whole night because we could have done so much with that money.

Ruby also had an eye appointment this week up at Primary Childrens. We noticed that her vision has improved greatly since she has been wearing her glasses, but her left eye still would wander for short periods of time. She wasn't supposed to be seen until March, but I didn't want to wait that long if we could do something about it now. Dr. Dries also noticed the wandering during the appointment and prescibed patching therapy. So from now on she will have to have her right eye patched for 1 hour everyday so she can practice using her left eye while she does things that are detailed, like working on the computer, doing puzzles, stringing beads or things that require concentration. We have been doing it for two days now and she does very well and doesn't take the patch off. Were hoping to see improvement come her next appointment. After her appointment we got to meet up with Melody at the hospital and grabbed a little snack at the cafeteria. She was very nice and offered to pay for our snack. I felt silly but accepted because that allowed me to not have to break my goal for no spend month. It was very nice of her to offer. We had a great visit and enjoy the times that we can get to see her.

That was our week, an we are looking forward to next week being a little more laid back.

Friday, January 8, 2010

Christmas 2009

Christmas was truly a treat to spend in our own home. There truly is no place like home. We spent Christmas Eve tagging along with Jed while he did his merchandising and then picked up our supplies for our dinner that evening. In my previous post I had mentioned that Jed was cooking our dinner, and he had the most amazing recipe picked out, but as we looked over it, we realized the girls would want nothing to do with it so we took a more practical approach and picked up finger foods and had a picnic in our basement and enjoyed watching Night at the Museum. It was quite fun.

We had our regular tradition of new pajama's and the girls were happy with the snowman print. We take our Frosty the Snowman seriously around here. I love this tradition.

The girls were very good about going to bed and staying there. We were most grateful.

The morning started out early for us, and the girls were so excited by what Santa brought them. We had to keep coaxing them to come and open other gifts. Each year it seems they get a little more excited and it is so much fun to watch their faces.

We had the traditional scrambled eggs and cinnamon toast. So delicious I could seriously go for a piece right now. As for myself I always pick out the Vienna sausages. :) Jed started the day off with a nap so he wouldn't fall asleep while we were visiting family. Emma joined him and I was sad that I had to wake them up so we would be on time to the parties.

I love Christmas and always find myself sad when it comes to an end. Jed always teases me that Christmas starts in August for me, because that is when I usually start my preparations. I love being with family,enjoying traditions and good food.

Stay tuned for January happenings and 28 week pictures.