Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Say Cheese!

On Monday Ruby and I were eating lunch, and as she took a bite into her sandwich, she winced and told me her tooth hurt and it was bleeding. I looked in her mouth and saw that her tooth was wiggly and that she also had this massively huge beast tooth already coming in behind it. I had never seen that happen before so I was worried.

I called Teresa and when we chatted she assured me that it was normal and to just have Ruby wiggle her tooth and that her tongue would push the new tooth forward. Ruby gave her tooth a few wiggles and it came right out in her hand, it was definitely ready. She was so excited! She just had to go outside and inform the neighbors and friends of this new development. She would even call out the window to people passing by that her tooth fell out and she would be visited by the Tooth fairy.

That night we put her tooth in an envelope for safe keeping for the Tooth fairy. She was so meticulous about how it went under her pillow so that the Tooth fairy would be sure to see it. Come the Toothfairy did, and we told Ruby to put her money in her piggy bank so she could use it for a special treat. She wanted to put it in our vacation fund jar, she wants to go to Disneyland so badly. There was no persuading her to put it in her own bank.

All of this came unexpectedly for me, it may have been good for me to have a couple days to prepare for her loosing her tooth. She is growing so quickly. Perhaps it was best that it came out unexpectedly, less time for me to get nostalgic and sentimental. :)

Monday, June 6, 2011

Proof of existance and planking

Last Friday I had the opportunity to go back to Oakcrest for the evening. I my kind friend, Anna/Tyfoon was willing to go the distance to pick me up and my dear sister was willing to watch the troupe for the evening.

I had such a great time hanging out with Tyfoon, Biph, Zoogly ,Tonks, and also being up at camp. It was and will forever remain a special place to me. We got to watch the welcome video the girls made this year, it was amazing. The theme this year is Stand with the Savior. To me it was personal, and perhaps the answer to my prayers. I am grateful for opportunities that remind us of where we have been, and help us to get back to those places, or give us the courage to do the work to get back. I had a great time coming home and reading in my journal about that summer. It is a treasure to me and I know I wouldn't have remembered a 10th of it had I not written it down.

In honor of my family in Hawaii, because their pictures of their recent adventures in planking have brought Jed and I the giggles and mounds of admiration, I wanted to return such a gift and am pleased to present:

Planking Oakcrest style:

I have so much admiration for my nephew Ben who planked on a Razor scooter. I hope his internal organs are not in as much peril as mine are since this picture was taken. Planking is not as easy as it looks.

We attended our hometown parade on Saturday, the kids loved it, Eli hated the loud noises and would have been happier to have been able to sleep through the whole thing. He however crashed at the very end.

Emma loved being behind the camera and took multiple pictures of the paraders ankles and tires. That little girls makes her mama proud.

Today we ridiculously windy weather, that cause a lot of dust to be flying around and cool weather, so after watching Delphia and Josie this morning the girls had their friends over and created their own ballet class. It is pretty evident Ruby takes her dancing very seriously and that she would love taking a dance class. It was wonderful entertainment for a day that kept us in the house.