Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Ukrainian Miracle.

I wanted to post about something that is really important to me, my neighbors. Yes you heard right folks. I have the most amazing neighbors, they are some of the happiest, most Christlike people I know. They have suffered a lot of tragedy, that could make those who have walked in the same shoes angry and bitter, however they have used those experiences to grow and become better people who are filled with compassion and love.

This past year they hosted 3 orphaned siblings from Ukraine. The children, 1 girl and 2 boys came and stayed with the Ceran family for 6 weeks at the end of the year in 2010. They are wanting to adopt these 3 beautiful children and were expecting to have 6-12 months to raise the funds necessary, but have recently found out that the children could be ready to come in March.

Their son Caleb has drawn an exquisite picture of President Thomas S. Monson and has been raising funds by selling prints of it. They are also having a huge garage sale on February 12 at the Rockwell Charter school in the Ranches to raise funds.

They have a website that tells about some of the Ceran families experiences and what brought them to the desire to adopt. They are such a wonderful family and the girls absolutely love them. Corrine who is the mom, often has the girls over to visit and play. Instead of calling her Corrine, my girls have dubbed her as Ceran. Whenever they see her, they scream out Ceran! Ceran! and they are always greeted with a hug and kind smile and genuine interest.

Very often we hear about things like this and we think to ourselves "I wish there was some way I could help." Turn your thoughts into action and you can help save these children and give them a home where they are loved and cared for and can have the opportunity for a bright and happy future.

Here is a link that will take you to their website, where you can get background information on the Ceran family, (they have been in the newspaper multiple times) find out about Christina, Sasha and Eddy, and find out how you can help.


Yesterday the girls and I were sorting through some of our old things that we could donate to the garage sale and I found a pair of pant that are 3-6 month size that both of my girls wore as babies and we had Emma try them on and they still fit!

Friday, January 21, 2011

Birthday Hilarity

One of my most favorite things about Birthdays is the interview videos that come along with them. The girls answers never fail to amaze me. They are quick witted and such beautiful girls. My little Miss Ruby is 5 and Emma is 3. Sometimes they make me laugh, roll my eyes, and most of the time fill my heart with immeasurable joy. I really like it when they share their insights on how mommies are the most important people or when they are mommies they will have or do certain things. It is also pretty comical when I tease Jed or call him some random name they Ruby will usually pipe up, and say "Is that how you talk to your husband? Daddy is a sweet handsome guy. You need to apologize to him." My girls are amazing and some of the shiniest little people I know.

Thursday, January 20, 2011

Back at 9

Eli is now nine months! It is amazing how quickly 9 month of life goes as opposed to the 9 months you wait to meet these little angels.

Eli is trying to crawl. For the past two months he has been getting up on his hands and knees and rocking back and forth and at this point he is sliding one knee and gets one arm up and then falls. He has a lot of weight to learn to manage and I am sure he will get it soon.

These are his stats:

Weight: 23 lb. 5 0z
height 28 in.
head: 45 cm.

He loves anything we give him food wise, I am hoping he is spared the picky genetics that were so lovingly passed down from me. When we give him finger foods he can get it into his hand but usually has a rough time getting to his mouth.

He is such a delightful baby, usually when we are at church I rarely get to hold him because I have a few young women who flock me and ask if they can hold him, and I always welcome the help as there have been a few times that Jed has been home sick, or times that he is passing the Sacrament( which sometimes the short amount of time it takes seems like an eternity with my 3 adorable children.) Then Jed takes him for Sunday School and then I always have people who are so willing to hold him while I lead the music in Primary. I am very blessed.

I am looking forward to warmer days that allow me to take the boy outside to play.

So much to catch up on, hopefully I will follow through. The girls birthday videos will for sure make the cut. They are pretty classic. It is good to be back in business.