Tuesday, August 13, 2013

18 weeks

My 18 week appt was good. I put on a whopping 9 lbs in a 4 week period, but don't feel too terrible about it. Everything is looking good, however when they measured me I was measuring at 22 weeks which is 4 weeks bigger than I should be. I did the exact same thing with Eli. My Dr. wasn't in so I just met with the nurse, I came away from the appt feeling ok, but the more I have thought about it, I have 3 thoughts running through my head

1. My baby space is probably just stretched out, from boy boy. (I have had multiple neighborhood children look at the 10 week ultrasound on the fridge and exclaim "wow! that looks like a Mickey Mouse head!" in reference to the baby's hangout location.

2. I had a moment of fear thinking that because this baby is measuring the same way Eli did, they may have the same health problems. Jed was most reassuring that if that is what happens, we have done it once before and we are given that challenge by a loving Heavenly Father who knows what we are capable handling. I like him.

3. It may be a boy, I have been so sure it is a girl but perhaps if they are growing at this rate we may have another boy.

Taking it all in stride and will be interested to hear what my Dr. thinks at my 22 week appt. Our 20 week ultrasound is in 9 days. We are excited, our girls in particular.

I have made a list of things that I need to get done when the kids are back in school, but on Sunday I decided that I can't wait 2 more weeks so Monday we started, I cleaned my closet and purged a lot of junk, cleaned our room and sent Emma spelunking under the bed, and cleaned out our drawers. I also started in the spare room which is a disaster and full of junk. The floor was scattered with hundreds of broken crayons, and magnetic doll dress ups, I cleaned the closet and organized the hall closet.

Today we sorted the toy room, separating the girls stuff from Eli's and then went to eli's room and organized the toys, put away his pack and play, put away toys that were too young for him and set up a big boy bed for him. I have decided that I am going to do a week toy rotation for him because he gets overwhelmed and then doesn't really play with anything and it all just gets scattered. 

 My mama came this afternoon and we cut fabric for one of Eli's Christmas surprises. My mother is an angel to help me. She is such a dear woman and I am so grateful we are close. We played a game with the girls, I went to vote and i prepared dinner for a dear friend who just had a baby. I will be so happy when all of our messes are sorted we are excellent at making them.

I also think my favorite time of the day is reading a chapter of Harry Potter with my girls before bedtime. It is so magical and such a special time for us just to be together. they have been most excellent helpers and complimentors of dinner lately. I think I will keep them. :)