Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Remember us?

I'm sure that if my girls read my blog and knew that I had been failing to write about their important happenings they would be highly upset and sit down with me and have a chat about such disappointments.

So in hopes of appeasing them, and just remembering really sweet things about them, I will make a very humble attempt.


-Ruby is friends with everyone, or at least wants to be. Even if she has met you and doesn't remember your name she will say something endearing like "I'll see you tomorrow friend, maybe we can play."

-She does wonderful impressions of characters she has seen in movies and on T.V. My personal favorite currently is her Mother Goffel impersonation.

-Ruby is my most willing helper.

-She likes to climb up on the counter and help me with supper, and pretend she is the mom and will talk in an accent that I can't place and call me dear, and ask me to get things for her.

-She is good at bringing my emotions to the surface when she shares scripture stories during sharing time. She remembers them so well and is excellent at telling them.

-On Mother's day I was telling the girls things that I thought was special about them at the dinner table, as I was naming things off about Ruby I mentioned two things and smiled at her. She smiled back at me and said in a sing song voice. "Your forgetting something!" Love her.


-She doesn't like to go bed early anymore and we have moved their bed time back but it now makes Emma sleepy during the day. I went to check on her and she was out cold. Later she came up stairs and I asked how her nap was, she scowled at me and said " I wasn't napping I was watching Cyberchase." She was out for quite a while. :)

-Emma is very particular about her name and likes to be called Emma and that is it. We of course enjoy calling her various things, and she hates it. We recently found a name other than Emma she likes to be called which happens to be princess. Occasionally we will just call her Emma and then she will cut us off and say "I like it when you call me princess too."

-Emma is only 3 and a 1/2, but she thinks she is a big girl. She runs around with Ruby and her friends and they treat her as an equal. It is going to be an interesting transition when Ruby starts school this fall.

-Princess lives in dresses, and has a particular fondness of dresses that spin.(big skirts that twirl.)

-Emma absolutely adores her primary teacher, and gets upset if he isn't there. There have been times that she has slipped out of the primary room to find him. I went to catch up with her and right at the moment I caught up with her she spotted Brother B. to her great delight. She shouted out in the hallway "Brother B! I was looking for you everywhere.


-Is constant movement. He is almost impossible to photograph, due to his need for activity. Just when I think he is going to hold still he bounces up on his bum and lunges for the camera.

-He absolutely hates sippy cups of any kind.

-He is able to get finger foods into his mouth. Which I like much better than him picking it up, smiling and dropping it over the side of his high chair.

-He loves to squawk and show off his mouthful of teeth.

-Last week at church he was cruising along the bench and he came upon Emma's ankle and bit her. After we consoled her I turned to Jed and said "It brings a whole new meaning to ankle biters doesn't it?"

This is one of my favorite pictures, the quality isn't great, but it speaks volumes about how cute these two are together. I love when they make each other laugh. Such special little ladies.


  1. Fantastic post, my friend. I cannot believe how big the girls are! We do need to do pics again. And I will do them for free if you pimp my biz to all your friends. :) And because I just want to hang out with Ruby and Princess again. We're friends, remember? Call or email me and let's set up a time!!

  2. They are too cute! And you r right it is important to write down the little things

  3. Yay! I love this post. Your kids are so sweet and precious! We hope to see y'all soon! We love you!

  4. This was so fun to read. Your kids are adorable! I am sure they will thank you later when they read such great details of how they are. So sweet! Sounds to me that you and Jed are doing an exceptional job. :)

  5. Yay!!!! I really REALLY needed a Jed and Ash family update :) Your kids are adorable. I can't tell you how much I wish Toby and Ruby could be face-to-face friends and Molly and Emma could be princesses together!! And dangit... I still haven't even met the little man :(