Sunday, November 8, 2009

18 weeks with a little soft shoe

I reached 18 weeks yesterday. Things have been going well, but I find that with this pregnancy I'm not sleeping as well as I did with the other two. Sometimes I wake up either hungry or unable to sleep so I end up in the kitchen with a banana or on the couch with a book in hand until I can no longer keep my eyes open. But for some odd reason, I'm not terribly tired during the day. I am most grateful for that. I keep having dreams that my sister keeps finding out the gender of her baby before me and I always wake up wondering how it is possible until I come to my senses and realize I am just dreaming. Halloween has given me some trouble and thrown me off my eating. I finally decided to break it up in little bags and put it way so I have to make some effort to get to it, so have to think about it instead of mindlessly popping it in my mouth . I don't do well when temptation is right under my nose. Here is to hoping I am successful getting back on track next week.

Last night we had our ward chili/pie cookoff. It was a great time. It was so nice to just be able to pick a random table and visit with people we have never met before and talk so easily. We really do love our new ward, and truly feel like it is where we are supposed to be. Before the activity I pulled hot rolls out of the oven for the dinner, and we ate a few (5) while Ruby entertained us with her latest dance moves. Jed decided to get some pictures of her doing her thing, but decided that the photo's weren't doing them justice so he turned to some video footage. I myself think the pictures are pretty priceless.



  1. Does Ruby realize she is dancing to some very boring commercial :P That is hilarious.

    Glad the pregnancy is going well.

  2. Wowsa...ummm...I don't know who she got her dance moves from, but I love that she is confident! ;) I can't believe that she is not huffing and puffing at the end of the clip. She was REALLY moving. In fact Adam asked me if the video was in fast forward because Ruby was going so fast. Too funny! Love that you are now barely BARELY starting to show! You stink...I know I was bigger than that at 18 months! Love you!

  3. You are looking great at 18 weeks girl! Ruby is so cute! I love her facial expressions. What a hoot.

  4. It was so much fun having you and the fam come for dinner last night. I loved it. Ruby is so cute doing her thing. She is a fast little dancer and and it really makes me laugh. She has so much energy. I keep telling you that she needs to be in dance or maybe soccor. She would be able to use up all that energy of hers. Love ya! Have a good day!

  5. ROFL... we need to get Brady and Ruby together for a little Dance Battle!! I especially love that she's dancing to... a commercial hahahahah. What a character! And while I agree that the picures are priceless, I have to side with Jed on the need for video! The video is AWESOME!

    And tell Sarah that I would hope at 18 *months* pregnant she'd most certainly be bigger than you at 18 weeks :D (You look great lady!!)

  6. How adorable are you???!! OH and RUBY!! that dance is so funny...all I could do was just laugh. The picture did not do her justice. That girl can get down. She's so cute.