Friday, January 8, 2010

Christmas 2009

Christmas was truly a treat to spend in our own home. There truly is no place like home. We spent Christmas Eve tagging along with Jed while he did his merchandising and then picked up our supplies for our dinner that evening. In my previous post I had mentioned that Jed was cooking our dinner, and he had the most amazing recipe picked out, but as we looked over it, we realized the girls would want nothing to do with it so we took a more practical approach and picked up finger foods and had a picnic in our basement and enjoyed watching Night at the Museum. It was quite fun.

We had our regular tradition of new pajama's and the girls were happy with the snowman print. We take our Frosty the Snowman seriously around here. I love this tradition.

The girls were very good about going to bed and staying there. We were most grateful.

The morning started out early for us, and the girls were so excited by what Santa brought them. We had to keep coaxing them to come and open other gifts. Each year it seems they get a little more excited and it is so much fun to watch their faces.

We had the traditional scrambled eggs and cinnamon toast. So delicious I could seriously go for a piece right now. As for myself I always pick out the Vienna sausages. :) Jed started the day off with a nap so he wouldn't fall asleep while we were visiting family. Emma joined him and I was sad that I had to wake them up so we would be on time to the parties.

I love Christmas and always find myself sad when it comes to an end. Jed always teases me that Christmas starts in August for me, because that is when I usually start my preparations. I love being with family,enjoying traditions and good food.

Stay tuned for January happenings and 28 week pictures.


  1. The girls look so cute in their new jammies. We always enjoy Christmas morning out our own house too.

  2. I seriously love your girls, they are so cute! I dont think we live that far apart...I seriously want to get together, now that we have been saying that for like a year! lol Is your whole house finished?!?! JEALOUS!