Tuesday, June 8, 2010


On Saturday we went to the Eagle Mountain Parade. It was really fun. The girls loved catching candy and telling the princesses they were pretty, Phia was telling them to be careful up there. It was so funny.

We saw Snow White and Sleeping Beauty go by and the girls wanted a picture with them. Jed took the girls to get their picture, and the princesses got pretty ahead. As I was watching I saw Emma pick up full speed and run right after them and wrap her arms around Snow White's leg and shout her name. Ruby was more shy ( I was surprised.) I am also wondering why bag pipes make me cry. Ruby recieved flowers from the Home Depot man during the parade and also got to break a board. She was so excited to participate.

Then we headed off to the park for a picnic with Grandma and Erin and Shane. The girls had fun playing together and I had fun eating doughnuts. :) Our day didn't stop their, we then headed off to Costco to get rolls and strawberry lemonade for Eli's blessing the following day and then to Lowe's for Weed and Feed so Jed could green up the lawn. Then we scurried home and started cleaning the house top to bottom, and then it was off to a Pampered Chef party and over to my sisters to borrow a dress that I didn't look poured into. :) It was quite the busy day, but very fun.

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