Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Sunday with a side of scissors

At our house, a Sunday has not passed that I haven't found these two cuddle up taking a nap somewhere. Eli wore his white shirt on Sunday for the first time. It is a 3-6 month and it fits. Every time I looked at him, I would say something like "Oh, he looks like a little man." and then I would get a fit of giggles. Proud giggles of course. I am sure Jed wondered what had set me off, but then when he saw him he too got the proud giggles about our Bubba.

We did an impromptu photo shoot this morning. Sometimes Ruby will just grab the camera and take some pictures and then show me her work. She took this one of Eli, which I love. And then came a whole slew of flashes and posing.

The picture of Ruby holding her finger up is her way of "telling the story" of the scissor incident yesterday. I was down stairs and Ruby came running to me with her finger sticking our and bloody. I looked down at it and noticed that he finger nail was partially clipped off. Ruby's version of the story is that "Emma was cutting my nails with scissors." Of course Emma couldn't have done so without permission for Ruby.


  1. Your kids are so cute. Eli does look like a little man in his white shirt and khakis. :)
    To answer your questions about the competition, at each weigh-in you will weigh on your scale and email me your weight. It's totally honor code style. Your weight will be confidential, but I will send out a list of everyone and their percentage lost for that week. I will also keep track of what everyone owes and we will all pay out at the end. If you want to do it, I will be sending out an email will all the details before the competition starts. It's going to be fun! And anyone can do it, so if you know of anyone that wants to play, send them to my blog. The more the merrier I say.

  2. oh scissors! they are the devil...tamari did the same thing, but just trimmed her nails and cut off the feet of her polly pockets.

    i love the giggle fits! There is something about dressing a boy for church that is so fun. they are so handsome!

  3. Okay Eli looks soooooooooo cute in his little outfit!!

  4. Awww Eli looks adorable in his white shirt and WOW he looks so much like Jed all snuggled up next to Daddy. I think Eli must be a perfect blend of the two of you because I see both you and Jed in him so much :)

    Ouch re: scissor-cut fingernails. Yikes.