Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Change on the horizon

Change has surely come and it seems to be all at once, they are however good ones. Jed decided to go back to school. YAY! He starts tomorrow, and will be going into Network Systems Admin for his AS and then Information Systems and Cybersecurity. He knew for sure he couldn't handle going back to the U and taking a lot of classes he really didn't want to so we are taking a more direct route and he will be attending ITT Tech. I think this is the first time he has ever been excited about going back to school.

With him going back to school, he needed to have a work schedule change. Previously he was working 1:30 p.m. to 10 p.m. School will be at night so he put in for a work schedule change and we weren't sure if he was going to get it but he did and is now working 6 a.m. to 2:30 p.m. This is his first day doing so and he just text me. "This feels weird only being 10:50 and I'm over half way done with my shift. Usually I'm waking up right now. Not having my lunch break." I know this will be so great for us and give the kids more time to be with daddy. (the kids been up since 5:45 it is amazing what you can get done if you are up early.)

A word on Eli, he is doing well. Still not talking but he is very good at communicating to me what he wants. I think it has been very frustrating to him to not know how to tell me, but he has found a way that will work for the time being. That has been a huge blessing. He sometimes hits his head on the floor or the back of the highchair when he is mad. His PT has thought for a while that he may have sensory issues. And he very well may but as I am now figuring out better what he wants I am seeing that he does that when he is mad,frustrated or we are making him do something he doesn't want to. All and all he is still my little squish. There is a song call Blue eyes by Garden State that whenever I turn it on he puts his head on my shoulder and cuddles. I love it.

We are on our way to solving Emma's distaste for helping out. We could always just tell Ruby to pick things up and put them away, but that approach I think overwhelms Emma. We have found that if we give her a simple task like helping pull the dishes out of the dishwasher or cleaning the bathrooms, she does so much better. She has even helped Jessie get in on the fun. She is actually getting excited about it and I praise her over and over for the good job she did. I know it makes her feel good. We love it when we get cute cute clothes from cousin Chloe, Emma loves it too. Here she is working her espadrilles and skinny jeans.

As for me, since I am coming up on the year mark of breaking my leg this week I want so much to get some of the strength back in my leg that I have lost. I walk Ruby to and from school anyway, so my friend Andi and I have started running her there while she rides her bike (she is free of training wheels and loves it), and then we go for another 2 miles doing a run walk until we build up the stamina to run the whole thing. It has been good for me, and I love the company.

And since I know you are dying to know what the Romig's do on Sunday evenings I thought I would give you a small taste of what the girls call Karate. They love that Jed does this with them. I lack Jed's cat like reflexes so it is a good job position for him. If we had to switch places, I would consistently be sporting a paper bag on my head because I would probably take a senseless beating from the girls. :)


  1. Not much beats a good update on everyone. That is exciting for Jed. Hopefully it will work out well for all of you.

  2. Jack isn't really talking yet either. I think boys are just a little bit slower in that area than girls. It is hard for me to not compare him with his sisters. I loved the video!

  3. Wowza. Emma has a very distinctive screech doesn't she? Hehehehe. I knew, even when she was off camera, that her turn was coming LOL. Looks like fun in the Jed Romig home :)

    Wish Jed luck with school for me. Willy also went to ITT. Good programs!

    Kudos on getting back to the running! I'm about to start tackling C25K again, now that I don't have a house move excuse to fall back on any more LOL. I'll be looking to you for motivation!

  4. cute family. I love it when the kids get to wrestle around with daddy. And I started running too. It's cooler in the evenings here (only 85) so I go then. Good luck to you!

  5. oh change inevitable in life. I am glad to see that your chin is up and that you are finding joy in your journey. :)

  6. How exciting for you guys! I am glad that his job worked with him on the scheduling. I like that picture of Emma in her skinny jeans. That expression she has really reminds me of you.