Wednesday, December 9, 2009


I my ms pro driver isn't working, I can't upload pictures and videos this will just have to be a wordy post.

-Today I took Ruby to preschool and she walked into class and saw her friend Jackson (who has been sick for the past week) and turned to me and said "Mom. my boyfriend is here!"

-I bought groceries to roughly last 2 weeks minus needing more milk and a refill on fruit. It turns out that it will indeed last me for 3 weeks. I am very happy about that. We have had a lot of invitations for dinner, or have gift cards to go out to eat.

-I just finished reading The Christmas Sweater and loved it. I wish I had more Christmas reading material to devour, or really just something to read.

-We played 6 games of Candyland and 3 rounds of Disney Princess Memory. Ruby is really good at it.

-Emma is having a hard time keeping her hands off the last three pieces of my Nativity (The rest were broken by well intentioned hands last year.) And has been entertaining herself by dancing with Joseph, and saying "Come on Jesus, it's ok." , putting them down for naps and hiding them so we have to find them.

-While we were playing Memory, we had a little conversation:

Me: "Are you ready for your snack, Beetle?"

Ruby: "I am not a beetle!"

Me: "What's wrong with being a beetle?"

Ruby: "Because I am not a beetle who pushes poop."

Me: "How did you know beetles push poop?"

Ruby: "I saw it on Dinosaur Train."

Me: (Failed to suppress my cackle.)

Ruby: "Don't laugh! Poop is not funny."

I called Jed as soon as she told me that so he could share in on the humor that Ruby was taking very seriously.


  1. Oh my heck that is so hilarious! I love the things that come out of kids mouths. We are just starting that adventure ourselves. We miss you guys.

  2. My kids love dinosaur train too. I love it! When can we come out to visit? We still haven't seen you house.

  3. We would love to have you come out anytime. Our next few weekends are taken due to holiday stuff, perhaps a Sunday? Or in-between the holidays? Let me know what works for you. Oh and I still owe you six dollars. It is driving me crazy.

  4. We loved reading these little stories. Your girls are so precious (and absolutely hilarious) =)

  5. Ruby is so hilarious! She just cracks me up. I laughed and laughed when I read about the beetle and the poop. I can't wait to have Ruby come for her sleep-over tomorrow. She is such a cutie!