Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Ruby's Christmas program and 24 weeks

On the 18th Ruby had her School Christmas Program. It was so fun to see her singing all of the songs and seeing what they had learned in the past months. Ruby was the second one from her class there and it was so cute to see her greet her friends as they came in, it always involved a big hug. These are Ruby's really good friends, Summer and Jackson. Ruby misses school and asks everyday if she gets to go back to school tomorrow. But as for myself I am enjoying having her home for these two weeks and not having to rush to get the girls out the door.

I had my 24 week appointment on the 15th. Eli's heartbeat was 137. I'm not really sure what my weight gain over the past 6 weeks is because my Dr. was on vacation so I didn't get the usual update on all of that jazz. I am however measuring at 26 weeks, and again they checked me twice and asked if I feel concerned about anything. Should I be? It will be nice to go to my 28 week appointment and get to meet with my Dr.

We got snow yesterday and I shoveled the drive way twice. I was exhausted and went to bed at 9:20 which is very early for me. Jed didn't get home until 10:20 because he was up watching BYU in their bowl game. Jed wasn't happy when he found out that I shoveled the drive way and made me honor bright that I wouldn't do it again. He doesn't have to worry about that. I have learned my lesson as I am feeling it today.

Jed has Christmas Eve off for the first time in our marriage. I am so excited! When we were talking about what to eat for Christmas Eve dinner since we don't have a set tradition Jed said "I think I have only cooked dinner twice since we have been married. Can I cook our dinner?" Jed cooking dinner also comes with him doing the shopping and doing the dishes. It was his finest idea yet. I am looking forward to this.


  1. How awesome of Jed to make Christmas Eve dinner--I'm sure it'll be so good. Can't wait to hear about it! And don't you dare shovel any more snow! I think you're superwoman, but really! No more! I don't think you want to hear me lecture though =) What a fun concert, and that last picture is so classic--you are beautiful, and Ruby cracks me up. You have darling girls. Merry Christmas!

  2. You look great! and I love Ruby in the pic! Classic! I always hate when Dr L isnt there when I have my appts!

  3. Ruby is so cute in the program. I showed Ellee and Luke the little video and they both thought it was so neat that their program was the same. It is so fun! You look great...I agree with Jed, no more shoveling for you!

  4. What? Can I cook? Go JED! How cute are you? and shoveling the snow? ash, you got get ruby a little older so she can be your slave! :)