Tuesday, March 30, 2010


Well once again, I am here to blog about my weekly appointment. And gratefully this will be the last one you have to read. I lost a lb. this week, not sad about that and wondering how it happened. Eli's heart rate was 155, I am measuring at 42.5 cm and my blood pressure was high, so they had me lay on my side which helped it to come right down.

I am dilated to a 2 and my effacement is at 60%. My Dr. asked if I wanted to wait it out or if I wanted to schedule my induction. I chose the latter. We initially were aiming for the 5th but Jed has had a meeting scheduled to meet with an accountant for work for 2 weeks, and tried to do everything possible to finish up the prep for the meeting but felt like it would be pushing it to move the meeting to Friday and not have the extra day to complete it. So he told me Saturday and asked if I could wait an extra day. I was bummed of course, 24 extra hours feels long. As I got to thinking about it, I realized that it would be nice to have a weekday to clean the house and tie up loose ends here. So my induction has been scheduled for Tuesday the 6th! I am so excited and feel like there is an end in sight. I am looking forward to getting my little boy here.

It has been really difficult for me to sleep this past week, because my arms and hands go numb. So I am constantly waking up to that painful feeling, and having to roll over to alleviate the pain. Then the other side goes numb and the cycle continues. I am being a whiner. I will be ecstatic when the numbness goes away. They go numb when I do my girls hair, or when I am driving or at all sorts of random times. But once it goes away I won't be getting much sleep for another reason. It is all worth it though.


  1. I am so excited for you Ash! April 6th will be a neat day for Eli to have a birthday, with that being the day the church was organized and stuff. Good luck!

  2. YEAH!!!! We can't wait to come and meet Eli! Let us know when we should come =) And I was going to say the same thing as above--what a neat birthday for your boy.

    That's awesome that we're all trying to eat better. I seriously have issues with it lately, just with all the Easter cuteness everywhere, but I'm so glad to have Shaun around to help. It's so much better that way!

    Love, Lanette

  3. Hah. Jessica beat me to the correlation between Eli's birthday and the organization of the church :) Sounds like a PERFECT day to have a baby!!! Total countdown now! Yippeeeee!

  4. HOORAY FOR YOU!! That's only days away, but I agree with you, a day seems like an eternity in the last leg of pregnancy. Best of luck on Tues. We will be thinking of you and send a prayer your way! Hooray for having a baby!

  5. Wahoo! It is exciting the baby's almost here! I'm so glad we got to hang out tonight; it was great to see you. I hope all goes well and that the hospital treats you well!

  6. I'm so glad baby's almost here. Can't wait for the phone call!!!