Thursday, May 6, 2010

A few words

Are in need of being said about these two. Emma is my child who, if she wants something she does it. She isn't one to wait around for help if it doesn't come in a timely manner. Hence, she scaled the pantry flour bin and a shelf to get herself some crackers while Ruby was at school yesterday. One of her favorite phrases is "It's not fair!" Sometimes when she has to go to her room for think time, she always tells me she loves me after we have the reminder talk about why she had think time in the first place. I delight in our ritual of singing "Snuggle puppy" together as she gets tucked in at night. Emma delights in teasing Ruby and taking things from her, because she knows Ruby won't hurt her to get them back, and I think she just really likes the thrill of the chase. Most of the time Ruby can't catch her, and it takes a couple of laps for me to catch her, all the while she laughs, until she gets caught and then she cries.

Recently Ruby had her eye appointment up at PMC and her Ophthalmologist was thrilled at her progess. He was amazed at how her visual acuity has improved. She can see much smaller letters from a far distance than she used to. He said it was very obvious that her patching is helping and that she is doing it. I gave her all of the credit, because she is willing to do it and doesn't drag her feet. We will continue to do the patching for another 4 months until her next visit and we will see where we are at.

As of January 1st we made a bed making chart for Ruby to give her some motivation. She completed her chart at the end of April and she just earned her reward. We tried talking her into doing a one on one outing with daddy but she insisted on having "The Ariel Barbie just like Ellee's" It was a second choice, what she really wanted was a Jessie doll (from Toy Story) but they were all sold out and way to pricey. She goes back and forth to the bathroom to change Ariel's tail color in the sink. She said some pretty humorous thing today, Eli's skin is peeling up by his eyelid's and when Ruby noticed she said "Mommy, his skin is falling apart!" This afternoon I was changing Eli on the bed and he was crying and Ruby said,
R:"Why is he crying?"
Me: "I don't know."
R: "I think it's because he doesn't like his name."


  1. Ashley you are truly an amazing mom to your kids. I hope you know that. They are sweet too! I loved Ruby's comment that Eli doesn't like his name. Pretty funny!

  2. Hahaha, I love the stories about your sweet little ones. Congrats to Ruby on filling up her chart! And hoorah that her patching is making good progress with things! Your mom is right--you're an amazing mother!

  3. ROFLMBO "he doesn't like his name". That's seriously one of the best kid sayings I've read :) So funny!!

    WTG Ruby on the bed making and the progress from patching! Such a good girl.

    Molly does the EXACT same run-giggle-cry thing that Emma does. She LOVES having people chase her, probably most especially when she knows she's in trouble. The being caught part? She's not such a fan.