Wednesday, May 19, 2010

"Who's behind?"


I do love the humor in Toy Story 2. Here is a little clip from Ruby's Mothers Day program at school. It was so fun to watch her. Each of her classmates answered questions about their moms. The answers were hilarious. It was a fun day. The little boy sitting to her left is named John. I was talking to his mom the other day when we came to pick them up and she was telling me that John talks about Ruby all of the time and always wants to buy things for her. On another day we were getting into the car and John told his sister "That's my girlfriend." He then proceeded to scream "I love you Ruby!" as she was getting into her car seat.


  1. SO CUTE! (Both the song and John's crush on Ruby--he's got good taste!)

    Thanks for recommending 13th Reality! I'll definitely be looking into that. I finished Fablehaven 5--I think you'll like it. At least, I did! And by the way, it's a Jones cousin dinner. Any Cook ones in the future you will definitely hear about. =)

  2. Gosh that was adorable! Molly's asking for it "again!! again!!"