Monday, September 6, 2010

My calling

Some of you may know about my calling, but perhaps there are some that don't. I am the primary chorister in my ward. I officially started on July 4th. I love the primary songs and being with the children. There are a few things about the calling that made me apprehensive at the beginning.

-The previous chorister was still in primary and I didn't want to let her down, she did a great job.
-I don't know how to read music or lead to save my life.
-I love to be silly but was worried what some of the teachers would think of me.

When I was first called, people would ask if I liked my calling. I would be honest giving them an answer that usually sounded like this: "I like it but..."

After having been in there for two months and wearing my purple wig as a reward for the children learning their song, I am feeling more confident than ever. I LOVE my calling.

Here are some things that have helped me greatly.
-The sister that was the previous chorister has told me that I am doing a great job, I needed that affirmation for some reason.
-I have to learn songs that I don't know by hearing them repeatedly. Jed has made it a super simple process by putting them all on the ipod and then I just listen to them while I cook or am doing something in the kitchen.
-I realized that even though I am always off beat when I lead and my Relief Society arm waves hello to the children sometimes, as long as I am enthusiastic and we are having fun it doesn't matter.
-We have amazingly kind teachers in our primary. Eli always comes along for the third hour since Jed teaches in Young Men, and occasionally for second hour as well if they need Jed to help with Sunday school for the youth. At times I have lead while holding Eli when he is sad and without fail, a teacher will always come up to me and offer to hold him, or take him out in the hall if needs be.
-If I just be myself, the week goes well. Primary is the place to be, my testimony is strengthened by the beautiful music, and the powerful words. I also always enjoy the enthusiasm of the sunbeams. They make me happy.


  1. What a beautiful post! It sounds like you are the most wonderful chorister ever! I wish I was in your primary so I could sing with you and see the awesome, infamous purple wig =)

  2. I know that you are one of the most talented primary choristers in the church. You have a beautiful voice, the voice of an angel. I am quite sure the children of your ward think the same. Keep up the good work and keep on sharing your amazing talents with others and you will be truly blessed. I know that you are a blessing in my life. Love ya! Mom

  3. You are PERFECT for that calling I am sure! I bet the kids absolutely adore you and your purple wig :) Great job, Ashley!

  4. I can only imagine how much your enthusiasm and silliness fill up that Singing Time in such a way that the kids are captivated and excited to participate! That's the very best kind of chorister :) Primary Chorister is my very favorite calling!

  5. I never doubted it for a were made for that calling!!!! So glad you're loving it. (I would secretly love to sit in on a singing time!)