Monday, September 20, 2010

Coming home

As of yesterday, we have lived in our home for 1 year. We love it here. I knew that when we moved it would take me a while to get comfortable and get to know people, but I have been out of that transitional phase for a while and I know that we were meant to be here. Our ward is so amazing, and I feel like we have just been so readily welcomed and accepted.

We said for years that we would never move out here and when it came down to it and placed bids on some homes, we would place our offer and then I would feel anxious yet very relived when we were told that it didn't work out. We started looking into building and I feel like this is the street we were meant to be on and the ward as well. It feels like home to me and I would be content to stay here for the rest of my life, unless Heavenly Father has another course for us.

It is always so interesting how things just fall into place, and something that felt wrong for so long, felt right when the time was right. Does that make sense? I love how quiet it is here at night and the millions of stars that we can see, we have so many people here that are our age with young children.

The one thing I don't love is the weeds. :) It is amazing how something that is given no water or nurturing can flourish so easily out here. It gives me a greater appreciation for Adam and Eve. :) Gratefully, Jed and I spent 9 hours a week and a half ago clearing our yard of weeds, it was so much work, but I am so glad we got it done otherwise Jed would have been out there alone, getting them all up. When we finished I told Jed "I don't ever want to have to pull all of those again."

1 year ago, when we moved, I was so emotional. I was happy to be here, but sad to be out of my comfort zone and I missed our previous ward. So much has changed since that time. I have so much gratitude for the place we came from, and also the direction we are going. We are home. I love that feeling.

*As a side note, all of my recent posts have been done on Jed's lap top which doesn't have a port for the memory card from our camera. I have pictures to post, but I haven't been going downstairs very much to use the desk top. So sorry for the lack of pictures. I will go back and update each post with pictures when I get around to it.


  1. This post makes me smile. I'm so happy that you feel at home in your home! So important :)

    Anxiously awaiting photos! :)

  2. I love it! I'm SO glad you feel so at home, and that it's so right =) Love you, and can't wait to see some pictures!

  3. yes, a home is special! now, I want a home and not an apartment. :) happy for you guys. hope you are feeling better. I do have to give you props, because you have a lot of reasons to be a "negative nancy", yet you are still so upbeat. way to be.