Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Dr. visits

Eli had his 6 month checkup on the 19th. (We are a little behind...again.) He is looking good, Dr. R is a good sounding board for me and takes time to listen to all of my concerns, no matter how legit they are.

As for his stats they are as follows.

Weight: 20 lbs. 4 oz. 90th percentile
Height: 27 1/8 in. 75th percentile
Head: Can't remember but is average-ish.

We love the little squish.

Eli had an EEG this morning, due to some things that we have been seeing, I get worried but am trying to just focus on the now until we know more, and if it is anything at all to be worried about. I think no matter what stage you are at, you are constantly worry about them in one way or another.

Eli loves to jump and bounce and does little baby push up's which will help his hands. He has been working to get his top teeth in for a couple weeks now and is constantly chewing on his thumb. I think they are getting close to coming through and Tylenol is the boys new friend.

As for Halloween I will state here and now that I am quite possibly the worst mama. We were in such a rush that we didn't take any pictures. I am going to pull a costume recreation, if for nothing more than documentation. Can't believe that November is here and looking forward to all of the holiday excitement.


  1. Oh he is so so cute! Makes me want another boy...which is saying alot! lol

  2. 6 months already...goes fast. I was just wondering how things were going with mr. eli. glad to hear he's doing well. way to keep your stress and worries in check.