Tuesday, February 1, 2011


*Sometimes I use a "mean voice" when Ruby would prefer a "nice voice." On occasion I feel ashamed of myself.*

*Extra Desserts gum is my new best friend.*

*I have a habit of falling asleep whilst reading with the light on. My utilities bill told me it was unhappy with me today.*

*I realized that I try to replace my feelings with food, so I don't have to deal with them. I am trying to change and sometimes I would like to tell my feelings to pipe down so I could enjoy a slice of pizza.*

*My mom always told me to be nice to my sister because we would always have each other. Those words ring true and I love having my sister only 1/2 a mile away.*

*I am a true worry warthog.*

*Sometimes I want to hold my children after they are sleeping, and I crawl in to their rooms and hold them for a little bit. Most of the time however they wake up, but not before I get to sit with them for a while and watch them sleep, and remember that what I do matters and how precious the time I have with them is.*

*I love my grandma-ish workouts.*

*I laugh at my own jokes.*

*I want to have a garden and eat cherry tomatoes to my hearts content. I miss the community garden more than I can say.*

*As a young woman, my friends and I adored bestowing upon one another wedgies to the point of panty rippage.*


  1. Everything I learn about makes me like you more and more. That is all.

  2. I love you Ash, you are hilarious! You make me smile! Steph Gray

  3. That picture! Hahaha! =) I love it! And I love all these fun things about you that make you so awesomely you!

  4. Oh Ash! You made my day with this post! You are great. Oh, the memories! I want to be just like you when I grow up! Can't wait to see you next week!

  5. adorable on many levels! I don't think you give yourself enough credit. That was a delightful post and that made me smile, laugh and reminince. You are the chi my lady.

  6. I have a confession! I LOVED seeing you last week, and hope that we can get together again SOON! Love ya!!!

  7. I tried the Extra Key Lime Pie gum yesterday for the first time and it totally tripped me out. It tasted like I was eating pie but the feeling/texture was wrong. Weird weird weird. I'll try again though ;)

    Love your list of confessions. Love to see you blogging!

  8. Uh... that last comment was me, Ash. Sorry about that hehehe. I was logged into Willy's email helping him with a cell phone issue and was on perma-hold and started surfing. Ended up commenting as him cuz I forgot I was logged in to his account. Whoops. It's just lil' ol' Ang!

  9. That face you are pulling is a classic Ashley or should I say "kipper" face. I love it. I am so bad at commenting on blogs. This post was just too cute I had to put the baby down (I'm usually one handed at the computer because I'm breastfeeding and multi tasking.) Anyway, I love this post and it put a smile on my face. You are hilarious and I wished we lived closer so I could laugh at your jokes with you.

  10. Awesome! I recently told Kim I needed my own personal Ashley. This post is a prime example why that is true.

  11. Ashley- I am so happy you are my friend! I just love you.