Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Let's hear it for the boy!

Eli is crawling! I was worried for a while that he wouldn't because he could get where he wanted by either scooting or rolling. He has also acquired the skill of going from being on his tummy to sitting. This has been such an exciting step for him, and I myself have loved watching him achieve it because we have been saying for months that he would crawl soon, due to the fact that he has been getting up on his hands and knees and rocking for the past 2 1/2 months.

We sometimes have people at church ask us if we want to trade children because he is usually so content and rarely cries. I always smile but think in my head of asking if my emotional girls are part of the package swap. :) If you have ever seen Eli in person you would know that he likes to bounce up and down which means I have awesome mom muscles, and I had someone ask me if we had a Johnny Jump up at our house, to which I responded yes and then I was asked if our door frame are still in tact. :) His bouncing is intense.

I think it is interesting that sometimes when I worry about him and whether he is up to speed or not, I have three thoughts come to me.

1) Is it because of his Seizure disorders
2) Is it just his personality and he will do it when he is ready
3) Perhaps his size makes things a little harder to figure out how to manage his body (like crawling)

Jed often tells me that I worry too much, and he is right. I am so to have Jed as a sounding board for all of my concerns, he usually assures me that everything is ok, and helps me be calm. right now we are currently waiting to hear back from the Neurology dept. We are seeing some seizure activity breaking through. All incidents are very short, usually something like his back straightening up quickly like he has a chill, or his head dropping quickly when he crawls, or bending his head to the side. They increased his medicine a whole mL 3 weeks ago and it worked for a bit but it is breaking through again.

Eli is saying one word at this point. Mom. I am really liking it, he says it in a really drawn out way. I love it. We took this picture Sunday and it reminds me so much of a picture of my brother Spencer when he was a baby.

My mama has been asking politely for some picture of Eli so that she can do some digital scrap booking. I am pleased to announce that I am ready to oblige. Ruby got some great shots of him this morning as he was enjoying his mid morning snack of chicken and gravy(which my sister believes smells like catfood. I must concur.) and mixed veggies. Bubba has never met a food he didn't like.


  1. YAY ELI!!! He's crawling really well too! He's so adorable and sweet!

    PS--I'm glad we're on the same page for Harry Potter 7, even though it's sad. I was telling Shaun I wish they'd make an animated version more geared for kids. Shaun and I love animation anyway...

  2. well wahoo little man! that is a wonderful achievement! :)

  3. Ack!! I missed this one. I really need to figure out how to get a little "Ashley blogged!" alarm so I never miss your great posts. Eli is ADORABLE! I'm pretty sure his thought process went a little like this "Baby toy? Pshaw! I'm going for that electronic thing Mom keeps pointing at me!" He's really so cute Ash. And I think he is a gorgeous blend of you and Jed. I see so much of each of you in his look. He's just perfect!!