Friday, October 7, 2011

FHE and the boy

It has been so fun having the girls teach Family Home Evening this past weeks. Jed and I just let them teach what they wanted to and we just let them do it without any planning or coaching them on what to talk about.

Ruby taught about each of us being children of God, among other things. It was so fun to hear her testimony on this subject. She did great!

Emma taught hers on choosing the right and following Jesus Christ. Here on earth and also how each of us chose to follow him in the pre-existance. Jed and could not help but smile at each of the girls enthusiasm. Emma was so eager about it that she became a one man band. When we would ask her to call on someone for the prayer, leading the music, or the closing prayer her little hand would pop in the air and she would proudly say she was going to do it. She wanted to do it all. We finally were able to coax her into letting Ruby say the closing prayer. It was pretty great!

We have had the same crib set for all three of the kids since it is in green and red. Each of the kids have had a rag quilt made especially for them and the girls have always liked those and become attached to them. Eli on the other hand has become very fond of the blanket from the crib set. When he wants to cuddle he drags it to you and gives it to you, it really comforts him. I can't help but smile about it since it has lace on it. He just loves it. We take it in the car with us and he is always shuffling it around. Once second it will be on his lap, around his shoulders, over his head and then he will pull up the front so he can see you and just smiles. We loves him lots.


  1. This whole post makes me smile :)

  2. That is a cute idea! I should have Koen teach it some time! He says Ruby looks bigger on her then last time! haha

  3. Your children are heavenly Ashley! I love learning different teaching styles from experienced and wise mammas like you. Keep it comin.