Wednesday, November 16, 2011

A return from my idiotic break

So after multiple failed attempts to get my pictures to upload, I solved the "mystery" which could have been solved weeks ago. I despise writing in retrospect because it isn't as fresh.

So back in the end of September (I think) we had a few weekend visitors. I love it when people come to stay and visit. Dallen is a tri-yearly visitor for us. He is willing to squeeze in a visit when his school and work schedule align and he can spare us some of his precious time. Dallen and I have always been close and I think that all growing up and even now(chances are we haven't grown up at all) we drive my blessed mother kazoo with all of our banter. We think it is downright hilarious but she thinks we are fighting even though we assure her we are not.

I am so glad he comes to visit. The girls love him and Ruby cries every time he has to leave. When he comes we usually do some baking, play games, watch our favorite movies, and just catch up. Dallen may kill me for posting these pictures, as his Kenny G hair is no more. But here's to the memories and I doubt he reads me anyway.

Another favorite visitor at our house is Mjieta (?) Anyone care to correct me on the proper spelling? She comes to visit us occasionally and my kids are in heaven. Especially Bubba, he loves just coming up to her and slowly leaning his little face forward, getting a few kisses and then will walk away. And the cycle repeats. He loves her, and she is very patient with him. She is the one reason I would ever consider a dog. She is the sweetest and smartest dog I have ever met and she is so so sweet to Bubba. If anyone could ever sway me on getting a dog it would be Bubba.


  1. I love your post. I had forgotten Dallen's Kenny G. Hair. I like it better now that he has cut it. I love the video of the kids and the dog. So cute. Eli is a little sweetie!

  2. Meisje :) (I always wanted to name a girl Meisje!!)

    LOVE those pics and vid of Eli kissing her :) His giggle is TOO darn cute! And Ruby wanting in on pics, too! She reminds me of Brady :)