Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Modest is hottest

A few days ago, Ruby wanted to wear her Argentina shirt that had a horse on it. She came upstairs and I told her she couldn't wear it because every time she moved I could see her stomach so I told her to change. She was pretty ticked because it was what she wanted to wear, long story short she told me she absolutely would not take it off. I went to fight other battles in order to get to Ruby off to school in time.

Ruby came up a few minutes later sporting this:

She incorporated the look of layering so she could wear what she wanted. I hope this idea sticks with her. I was a happy mama.

While watching conference Ruby was sitting with me and she is in the beginning stages of reading and Carl Cook came up to speak and Ruby pops up and says "He's a Cook! He must be your brother! Is he your brother mom?" Another thing I thought was sweet was that someone quoted Moses 1:39 and Ruby picked up on it even though I didn't think she was paying attention and she said "Hey, that was my part for the Primary program."

Conference was amazing, and I came away with 3 distinct thoughts or at least that is what I remembered but now I can only remember 2, oops. One was scripture study, I make time for other things surely the scriptures are important enough for me to make time for them. The other was that I need to do a family history chart with my girls and find pictures of them and teach my girls about them and different things from their lives. I was strongly impressed that they need to know that these family members who have gone on before them are more than just names, but that they did amazing courageous things and that we can draw strength from knowing who they are, and the kinds of lives they lived.

I just remembered what my third thought was. During the talk about having children, the thought came to me that there are more that need to come to our family and how and when they come is between us and the Lord. Anyway, during the Sunday morning session, I absolutely loved Henry B. Eyring's talk, and to quietly communicate this thought I had to Jed, I said "We need to name our next son Henry."And then Elder Robert D. Hales talk I was a complete blubbering idiot and was so touched. Again I turned to Jed and said, "We need to name our third son Robert." We both smiled at this and continued watching Conference.


  1. so proud of Ruby for being a strong girl by asserting what she wants and yet coming up with the right thing on her own in order to do it. So proud of her for making good decisions! You guys must be doing things right. Keep up the good work.

  2. That is too cute of Mrs Ruby darling. Dont worry Koen blew the picture up to see her better. :) We would love to hang out while Koen is off track. It would have to be early next week as we are leaving for the carribbean next weekend. :)

  3. Eli, Henry and Robert. Perfect :)

    LOVE Ruby's layering look! Hehehe. Good girl!

  4. Hey thanks for the CS lewis house thing you left on my blog, I loved it!

  5. Ruby is pure and I love it. Mr. baby is just growing so cute. I love all the kids to come too. :)

  6. That's so cute how you told Jed by saying you need to name our second son Henry and your third robert. That's cute. Also I approve of the name Henry