Monday, May 6, 2013

Work and play

We decided that instead of doing absolutely nothing this summer we would indulge ourselves with a 12 dollar a person Pass of all Passes. We put it to good use this weekend and went to the Lehi fun center. We have a goal of using it at least every other week, there are so many fun things you can do with it  and it allows us to do so on a smallie fun budget.

The kids loved it! Jed took some pictures on his phone(I need to figure out how to transfer them) We did go carts, spraying bumper boats, which was my favorite, I thrill in soaking people when they can only move their boat away at about 1 mile an hour. I can't remember laughing so hard in a while. Plus the shock on their face and the stupor it puts them in as they get blasted in the face is almost to much for me. The girls rock climbed, Ruby made it to the top after insisting repeatedly that she is afraid of heights, Emma made it three to the top. We put the kids on a mini, mini version of the rocket, even Eli. He was all smiles on the way up and then when the drops started he was screaming and crying. It was funny and sad at the same time.

We played miniature golf, we are rusty. And the kids also got to go in the airplane ride, Eli went repeatedly while the girls and Jed played laser tag. We had a lot of fun and look forward to going again.

When we got home we did yard work, dandelions spread in a ridiculous fashion, the girls put their clothes away and tidied their rooms, I growled at the dishes "I hate you!!!" and Jed cooked dinner while I took Ruby and Eli for a walk. We then proceeded to lounge for the evening and enjoyed buttered popcorn and "Jessie" from netflix.

Sunday was nice and quiet other than Ruby and Emma's love for playing karate and hi-ya-ing each other. I snuck in a little nap while Ruby read stories to us and before she started she said to me "Your not going to fall asleep are you?"

We borrowed Rise of the Guardians from our friends and their son came over on Saturday to pick it up. I told him I would go get it and he followed me down stairs anyway and took a look around and said "Don't your girls ever clean down here?"

So here we are Monday, my room is spotless, laundry is 75% done, and I have a few more chores to tackle. I didn't take that comment personally did I? It lit a fire under me and I guess I needed one. :) I am beaming with pride and glance around my room and I feel like patting myself on the back. 


  1. looove it. I love the joys in life...much needed. Perhaps the neighbor child should come to my house and light a fire under my rump to get me going. :)

  2. pass of all passes are so great. The towne cinema's in AF will accept them now too so take the kiddies to a free movie and splurge on a family popcorn. They are very worth it.

  3. Yay, I'm glad to see you blogging again! Your writing is so clever and it's fun to hear about your cute family. :)