Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Gratitude turkey and keeping it real

We got our annual Gratitude Turkey done on Sunday evening. Ruby and Emma traced all the feathers and cut them out. They did a great job and it is so fun to have both of them at a point where they participate.

These were our gratitude's this year, Jed's family at Thanksgiving each get 3 kernels of corn and says what three things they are specifically grateful for that year. I love this tradition because it is so easy to just see the big things, but I really love giving it deep thought and seeing how we have been blessed in a unique way each year.

3. Gospel

1.Healthy Pregnancy
3. Mr. Romig's hard work and dedication


3. Jesus

3. School

Ruby in particular has been very interested in how babies are actually born. We had a really honest and open talk last night about  how it works, she also wants to know how the baby survives with out being able to breath inside me, she is very curious and thoughtful about the whole process.  When we found out we were expecting she wanted to know how a baby is made. We explained in general terms and showed her a video from pregnancy.com it was a lot of new info and I think she still doesn't have a very clear idea but is content.

I am grateful that she feels confident to come to me and trust that I will answer her questions honestly. I have always told her that if she has questions that I want her to come and talk to me about them instead of talking to her peers and getting wrong information. I am so grateful for that trust she has in me, and that my mom raised me the same way, I never felt weird asking her things because she didn't act awkward about it and make a big deal she just answered my questions it worked great . I am thankful I can do the same with my kids. I did explain to Ruby that the things we talk about are personal and she doesn't need to talk to other kids about it, or share what she knows because that isn't her responsiblity.

I was really proud of her this morning when we were driving carpool and the other kids were talking about how their mom has to stay in the hospital for 24 hours after having a baby so she can get feeling better from the shot she was given and how it is like recovering from dental work. :) Ruby just listened and kept her info to herself. I like her a lot.

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  1. I admit, I stole your turkey idea and used a variation of it for FHE. :) I like what you guys are thankful for. EMC2, he he!