Thursday, November 28, 2013

Lady Emma's Birthday

6 years has passed since Miss Emma made her debut. She is such a delight! We woke up and she wanted to watch Power Rangers(Oh brother) while I made pancakes. She stayed in her pajamas for half the day, requested homemade pizza with Canadian bacon for dinner and double layered red velvet cake for her dessert.

Our sweet neighbors brought Emma a gift of markers and  a coloring book. She had fun doing that while Eli took all the lids off and gave himself some body art. She eventually locked herself in the bathroom so he could color without "Eli drying her markers out."

We also took a late afternoon walk to the park, at Ruby's suggestion. She seems to know what helps me shake the afternoon grumpies. (Eli broke the ear off of my nativity set donkey. I stayed calm but felt the grumpishness inside.) Emma rode her bike to the park, and Ruby and I talked while Eli rode in the stroller. We had a great time, and I love that Emma's outfit consisted of a long sleeve shirt, a pair of capri's and snow boots on the wrong feet. She loves to dress herself, and it feels really to be able to put my control freak side on the sidelines and let her do it. :) We had a great time, but didn't stay too long because the sun was starting to set and it was getting cold.

We came home to Jed's car in the drive way. It was so happy! He took care of everyone while I got Emma's pizza made, and was able to get Eli to eat. We opened presents. One of which was really sweet Ruby made Emma a gift from items she had laying around and wrote her a really sweet card.  Emma got some church shoes, so now her smelly moccasins can be tossed in the dust bin. I am thrilled, and she got Scooby doo action figures. She has the most marvelous imagination. She will have a great time with them. We are taking the girls out for their birthday outing this weekend, but more on that later.

Here are a few words to describe Emma:
She is our peace maker and truly helps make our home a Heaven on Earth, as long as she isn't getting sent to bed early or in trouble. If that is the case watch out, that little lady gets fierce. :)


  1. Happy Birthday Emma! I wish we were able to celebrate with you...we will in two years! Did you get our card with a little gift all the way from Netherlands? We love you Emma!

  2. Happy Birthday little Emma! she looks like she has a toothy grin! What a fun birthday and to celebrate her sweetness.