Friday, November 1, 2013


Halloween was a fun day, I took a nap on accident and I liked that. :) The girls enjoyed being in the Halloween parade at school, Emma was delighted that Eli's bus driver dressed up as Mario, and that she got a treat from his other bus driver when Eli got home.

We painted pumpkins with the kids the night before. Jed helped them outline their designs. I like that he is more artistic than I. Emma painted a Flash symbol, Ruby a Batman symbol and Eli wanted numbers on his pumpkin, he would dictate and I would paint.

Jed had school last night so the kids and I went it alone. My neighbors were really nice to let us tag along but somewhere along the way, all of their kids did their own thing and Gary and Corrine stayed with us, I greatly appreciate them.

Emma would always come back and report to me when people told her she was cute. I am sure Eli caused many a back ache in our community as those who were passing out candy had to shift positions multiple times to get comfortable while he was taking his sweet time deciding what he wanted. He was very selective. Ruby explained Halloween to him while we were all cuddling in bed the other day, and taught him how to say trick or treat.

We cut the evening short and came home a little before 8, my ankle was killing me. Ever since I broke my leg it acts up at really random times and hurts so we all came home had one treat and got everyone into bed. I ended my evening with a hot bath and the last two episodes of Call the Midwife. I am finding at this point I sleep much better if I stay up a little bit later.

Today we will be sorting candy. I make the kids put away 24 treats for their advent stockings for Christmas, that whittles down their stash a bit and makes for more even eating and it keeps me in line with my cheapskate lifestyle. :)


  1. Okay seriously... how brilliant are you? Every November 30th (or December 3rd if I'm being honest...) I'm scrambling to get candy to fill the advent stocking pockets. And it's expensive to get enough candy to fill 144 pockets :P My kids have already barreled through their trunk or treat candies and we only hit a few homes last night for trick or treating so I don't have a stash to draw from this year but next year? I'm so totally copying you!!! Brilliant I say :)

  2. What a great idea! I just let them eat 4 pieces like 3 times a day! lol I know it's horrible, but I have no self control. And it's really bad this year.

    I love all the pictures! They all look so happy and cute! Glad you guys had fun!

  3. Ah halloween! I love kids in costume. So cute. I love that Ruby is a wearing a sambero, that's amazing. I am happy to hear the secrets of how you afford your rock and roll lifestyle.