Tuesday, February 11, 2014

100 day and feelin' churchy

Emma recently celebrated 100 day at school, she has been greatly looking forward to it and they spent the time in class doing everything to do with 100's. This is a little glimpse at her new hair cut.

Jaxon has come to church the last 2 weeks and it has been fun getting him in his little outfit that my friend Aimee made for Eli a few years ago. I love the tie so much. :) We have only made it through sacrament meeting though, because Eli has had a hard time going to class without his teachers being there. They are quite amazing with him. We used to sit in the chapel but have resorted to the metal chairs in the very back of the gym our ward is quite large and that has allowed Eli to be able to move around and not disturb others.

We have greatly enjoyed watching the Olympics. On Saturday night we were tuned in and they were showing snowboaders participating in the new event. (can't remember what it is called) but as we were watching USA's contender Sage did amazingly well and Emma was bouncing on the couch in excitement for him and being somewhat silly about it. I asked her if she had a crush on Sage and she said yes and got giggly. As other snowboarders would take there turn Emma would say over and over "Fall down! Fall down" And then she commented that if she had her hair curled she and Sage Kotsenberg would look like twins. She is so funny and we have had much fun bringing it up and teasing her. She is such a cutie.

In the last 2 days Jaxon has become more smiley. He is such a gem. He is getting so strong and is starting to lift his head up a bit during tummy time. I think it is funny that Jaxon used to like to be held during the night and now I am the one who falls asleep during feedings and we stay in the rocking chair because I have conked out. Ah well neither of us seems to mind.

The girls have started earning allowance, by doing 6 chores a week. They earn 1 dollar a week and get paid every 5 weeks. It has been a good experience for them as they are learning about paying tithing, saving their money for things they want and learning that earning is hardwork. It has opened a lot of great opportunities for discussions about responsibility, being frugal, and how the Lord opens the windows of Heaven when we pay our tithing. They were so excited to turn in their envelopes this week.

As for me I have enjoyed reading books in the evening now that Jax goes to bed at 8, I have started P90X and am looking forward to the outcome and getting this body stronger and back into shape. I have also decided to grow my bangs out because they make me look old. 


  1. Your bangs don't make you look old, you look not a day over 12. It's the 4 kids strapped to you that ages you. :) How do you like p90x? I try to do one a week. He's pretty cocky and I love it. I also like the bar that says how much times is left.

    So are you starting to feel back to normal? It sounds like you guys are finding a routine and establishing a new normal. Jax is looking good! He's a sweet little guy!

    1. I love it! I did the lean round 2 years ago and was quite pleased with the results. I like the structure and variety of it. I flounder when I don't know what to do. My workout collection is kinda skinny. Tony Horton cracks me up, I find him to be entertaining but I don't desire to punch him in the face like I do other people at the end of workouts. :) So that is good. Routine is coming around which is good. The thing I struggle with most is that Jax sleeps when everyone is gone and when everyone is home and needing things he is awake and I just want to hold him and toss homework and routines out the window and just cuddle my boy. Always so much to do though.