Tuesday, February 4, 2014


I caught one of Jax's quality smiles about a week ago. He is a joy, we spent last night in the rocking chair, and I am exhausted this morning. When I get up at night with him, I tell myself that I will take a nap, but it never happens. Here comes the smile, I love this boy.

I forgot to write earlier that when my aunt came she was playing a guessing game with Emma about the kids middle names (which Emma loved) and as she was trying to guess Jaxon's after so many guesses Emma said "Nope, his name is Jaxon Clark Romig, you know, like Clark Kent. Superman."

The girls went in for hair cuts last week, and Ruby got a trim and Emma was going to get a trim but decided last minute to get an a-line. Jed and I have spent the last couple days straightening it up. Next time we go to Cookie Cutters.

Eli's new phrase is "Lay on the baby" which when I heard him say it while I was down the hall the first time I came running. However all that was happening was that he was laying BY the baby. He is so funny.


We had my mom and my sister over last week and I took my nutrimill and bosch (I am in love) on their maiden voyage. The bread is divine, apparently though, my bread pans are too big and so they don't rise as nicely. So I will be making smaller loaves until I  am willing to cough up the cash for the correct size(It's not going to happen.) Eli and the cousins had fun drawing on his aquadoodle.

Ruby went shopping with her previous primary teacher for a few things for her baptism and they came back with a groovy pair of socks for Eli. Whenever we ask him to go get some socks he always comes back with the girls old Hello Kitty, or mis matched colorful pairs. He loves them so we let him wear them. Anyway these socks are his new faves and he calls them his "fun socks"


  1. Melt my heart!! LOVE that pic of Jax and Eli together!

    PS Don't you know? Mismatched socks are all the rage! Eli is just a young trendy!! :)

  2. What cute kids! Eli's smile is adorable. I hope you find more sleep very soon. :)

  3. I love these updates!! They are so fun to read. My new mother in law (my father in law just got married) makes her dough by hand. She made it sound so easy... I think I might just keep buying bread at the store. I bet it tastes yummy! Your kids are all adorable and I love Jaxon's smile! It's like the look of pure joy!