Thursday, February 6, 2014

Ruby's baptism and Jaxon's blessings

Saturday was one of the sweetest days on record. I think it can only compare in sweetness to the birth of a child. Friday we kept busy preparing the house and the girls were allowed to play until 3 so we could do our work afterwards but Ruby and her friend Z cleaned the whole basement without out even being asked. Even the girls dresser got a complete work over. It was a most pleasant surprise.

I have decided that trying to keep a house "perfect" for guests and having little people is a cruel irony. :) I saved all the big last minute things for after they were in bed, like vacuuming and cleaning the bathrooms and giving the kitchen a proper wipe down. Jed came home and cleaned the bathrooms for me.

Ruby requested that we have breakfast quiche and wanted Suzanne's. I had never made it and was nervous about it being just right. So Jed made call to his sisters to see if they knew exact cooking time and if they had any tips. No one else had ever made it before. So we just ran with it and it worked out great

Saturday morning arrived and we started the mad dash as the baptism was at 9:20. We all got ready to go and then at the church it was even more of a mad dash because Jed had to get changed and I had to go get things set up in the bathroom for when Ruby was ready to be changed. Which made it so I didn't get to take all the pictures I wanted to, my mom and Ruby's primary teacher got some though so I will have to have them send them to me.

The service was beautiful. We sang "When Jesus Christ was Baptized" and my mom said the opening prayer and my dad gave the talk on Baptism. When they came to our home to help set up chairs in the morning I told my dad he needed to keep his talk to 10 minutes and he responded "I have 3 prepared, which one do you want?"

My dad felt impressed last minute that he should share something different than he prepared. He called my mom up and they sang a song called "A long time ago." You can find the lyrics here:
This song brings me to tears. My dads talk was wonderful I don't remember what was said I just remember what I felt.

The tears continued to flow as I watch my beautiful Ruby make her first covenants with her Heavenly Father. It was so special. She has been so excited for the last few years and has talked about it off and on about how excited she was. It was lovely to see her desire to follow Jesus Christ all come to fruition.

My sweet cousin Phil took Eli out in the hall to walk around during the rest of the service because he was bored. The rest of the service was lovely, and there the other child being baptized had asked his cousin to sing "The family is of God" and yet again the tears flowed. He sang it so perfectly and the spirit was so strong.

We came back to our home for Jaxon's blessing, I asked to say the opening prayer and then our 2nd councilor in our bishopric asked if I would bear my testimony after he  was blessed. The blessing was so sweet, I quite enjoyed having it done in our home and was grateful that Brent and Suzanne were able to be with us from Holland via Skype.

I was grateful for the opportunity to bear my testimony and it was so fun to have Jaxon be blessed in the outfit that Jed and Eli were blessed in. It is so handsome and has such special meaning to me. 

I feel like I didn't get much of a chance to visit with anyone, I felt like I was just running around willy nilly. That is the one thing I don't like about hosting. :)

Jed cleaned the kitchen after the company left and took a little nap and then we spent the part of the afternoon at  Coldstone to celebrate, and when I asked Eli what we wanted he walked right over to the line up of mix in's and told me he wanted gummy bears. He loved his "frosty" and had the cutest chocolate ring around his mouth and would stand up occasionally and rock his hips in time to the music that was playing.

Ruby got to go with Jed to the stake basketball games and taught her how to run the clock and use the scoreboard. She loved having such a big responsibility and just getting to go along with daddy.

It was indeed a sweet and sacred day for all of us.


  1. I love all the pictures! What a special day for Ruby. I love that you were able to do her baptism and Jaxon's blessing on the same day. How special! I think if we have any more children, we will bless them at home. It just seems so much more personal and sweet. He looks so cute in that outfit. I just love it. And Ruby looks absolutely beautiful in her dress! I'm so glad it was a perfect day!

  2. how sweet! yay for doing both together and skyping to grandparents. Ruby's dress is beautiful, props to the seamstress. I love happy days as a parent. Your kids are precious.