Friday, October 8, 2010

For Angie

I feel like I have lacked much to write about, and pictures to go with it. As I look at the date on my last post I find myself blushing and how long it has been. I really do love my blog and am feeling sad that it has been so terribly neglected.

And so it is for Angie that I write today. I know what ever I consider to be boring ramble, Angie will like it.

My life in the last couple weeks on paper looks a little like this, not a huge amount of activity that I am used to, but much more thoughtful and gratitude filled for the things that I used to do, that now someone else does for me, or that I have found a way to do even though it takes 3-4 times longer than it used to. In short, I think we often forget how amazing our bodies are. When I am finally free of my "shackles" (Hopefully I will be off crutches by next Thursday and just in the walking boot for a few weeks. It would be very nice to no longer have my hands involved with the walking process.) I will make a post more specifically about what I have learned from this experience.

Jed passed his insurance test on Tuesday! That was such a relief. It has brought a lot of unspoken stress for both of us that we didn't talk about until Jed passed. I am so proud of him and how much time he put into his studies with all of the motherly duties that have been heaped upon him, due to my clumsiness. He is a jewel and I am glad he is mine.

He will attend his 2 weekly company meetings, schedule his hands on training with his team leader and then I think we just have to wait for his License to come in the mail. I told Jed he should make an appearance on the blog to explain his work stuff to all of my faithful readers. He politely declined and with a smile and said "No, I don't want to blog." So there you have it.

Jed has a job it's just all of the certification and all of that jazz that seems to be delaying what most consider the definition of having a job; making money. We foresee that being in sight soon. Which will be a nice change.

Like I said, I don't really feel like I have much quality blog material to write about, but years from now perhaps I will read this post and be grateful that all though lacking in brilliant content, I wrote anyway. Thanks for the encouragement Ang.

Truly though, my heart is just filled with gratitude for people who are in the right place at the right time and remind me that Heavenly Father is in the details and that with each new experience we have it can be for our good.


  1. when you are short on things to say you can always have a gratitude post. Right now might even be a great time for it since you have so many people being of service to you.

  2. Thank you :) I miss you!! I'm glad to hear you're nearing the end of the shackles (crossing fingers!) and I'm SO thrilled to hear that everything is progressing with Jed's job and that he's all officially licensed and everything. Excellent news. Thanks for hobbling your way downstairs to the computer for little ol' me! :) Love you guys!

  3. Can I tell you what I am grateful for? I glad that even though we don't live close or see each other much, we are still good friends. I am glad for the ability to keep in touch and feel your friendship through the blog and facebook. Lover yer face Ashie. It's okay to not always be upbeat or have awesome stories to tell. We are just glad you are you and that you are okay. If negative nancy wants to visit, that's fine too...just as long as silly ashwee returns shortly. :)

    I heard a quote I think you'd's goes something like, "you only really appreciate your wealth and health in the absence of it."