Tuesday, October 12, 2010

6 months

Today my boy is 6 months old. It seems unfathomable that 1/2 of a year has past. He truly has made the transition to 3 a breezy with a fair amount of showers(due to his love of blowing raspberries.)

At his last neurology appt. we met only with the PAC. We got his meds figured out and as we see any sign of his seizures all we need to do is call up to Primary's leave a message and they will get back to us quickly, as his meds are based on weight. So when he grows we will just have to up his dose as needed. She didn't seem all that impressed with his hands, but we talked about his seizures for 30 minutes and then she held toys out for him to try to grab and observed him for about 2 minutes. I came away discouraged because at home he grabs for things that are placed out in front of him. Then I decided that the last time she saw Eli he was 2 weeks old, so not to worry to much. I felt like as long as I am seeing improvement we have something to feel good about.

Here are some words to describe Eli at this point: happy, drooly, observant, hungry, gentle, and sweet.

He is sitting up now and loves it. He is content to just hang out on a blanket and play with toys for a decent amount of time. We have also nicknamed him Bustaloo, a term Ruby coined when she mistook it for bust a move. But when ever we say it to him in a Vegas lounge singer voice he smiles.

I think his saucer has helped him as far as reaching for things goes. When we first started putting him in it, I don't really think he knew what to do, but now he pulls things into his mouth and spins the toys. It has been exciting to see.

Since my breakage, Jed has been getting up with Eli at night to feed him. They are so fun to watch together, and Eli cuddles right into Jed's shoulder which he rarely does with me. Jed attributes it to middle of the night bonding. :)

Love you so much Eli.


  1. oh my gosh, he's gotten big! I love his fuzz head in the bed head picture. So ash, he's hitting his milestones, eh? He's doing great! You've caught everything while he's so young, he'll be fine and get his motions in soon enough. Bustaloo! That's adorable! Nothing is more special than seeing your spouse bond with your baby. cute pictures. cute baby.

  2. These pictures of Eli are so darn cute. I am excited to see you and the kids on Thursday. It will be a fun day!

  3. He is such a good-looking kid! Bustaloo--love it! 6 months--really?! I can hardly believe it! We love you guys!