Monday, October 18, 2010

Peg leg and thoughts

Had my Dr. appt last week. The Dr. said he could still see more of the fracture line than he would like, but has to take into consideration that I had a baby in the last 6 months so my body is still playing catch up. I will stay in my walking boot for 1 more month until the bone is stronger. I feel like I have a new lease on life being able to carry Eli around. I am turtle speed slow but the ability to do things for myself is makes that not even matter. I am loving this new freedom. This is what it my leg looked like 2 hours after I broke it. Now all the swelling has gone away, we have laughed about how skinny it looks compared to the other. The beauty of atrophy. :)

The girls have had a great time playing outside with friends and enjoying the cooler weather. As I was preparing dinner a few weeks ago, I looked out the window and spotted the girls playing red rover with the neighbors. It made nostalgic as memories of my own childhood flooded back to me, we spent hours playing games like this. It warms my heart to see Ruby so willing to take Ruby along when she gets invited to play with friends. I hope their sweet relationship will continue. Don't be fooled though, this sweetness coincides with plenty of tears and cries of "She's hurting my feelings!"

My mom made a really cute Halloween advent calendar for the girls and they get to pull a little surprise every day. One of their favorites so far is a simple little game called Ghost Chase. They love it. We also had a Amish friendship bread start that I somehow ruined. I have to petition my sister for a new start but the girls loved mushing the bag together.

We had Dallen, Spencer and Melody over for dinner last night and had a lot of fun. We love having visitors, and I think we will start doing Sunday dessert with families in our ward that we have wanted to get to know. Time feels like it is going so quickly and we are happy.


  1. Awww, what sweet girls! You could definitely fool me ;) They are so darling, and I love the coordinating little polka dot jackets. So cute! We can't wait to see all of you!

  2. your girls are so cute, each in their own silly and sweet way. I love when I see specks of you in them. Girl, your little leggie is looking good, except the buldge! poor thing. I am glad things are on the road to recovery. Hey, if you are feeling up to wanna make some rolls for rache's baby shower? if not, it aint no thing. I just love your rolls. :) way to keep positive an take joy in the simple accomplishments and the journey. you'll be back to shaking your tail feather and being a lead dancer to ABBA before you know it. love yer face.

  3. "the beauty of atrophy" hahahahaha. What does it take to get atrophy to beautify my back side? Hmmmm...

    Love the pics of the girls. They're just adorable.