Friday, August 19, 2011

Look at me!

Yep! Eli is up and on the move! He started walking at 15 1/2 months, and now he is loosing the drunken sailor swagger he started off with. I love watching him do the things he wants to, he is so determined.

He has only said one word for a long time, and I was jumping up and down and so excited because he started making a new sound "baba" when he was 15 months old. He has added two more to the repertoire "guh" and I heard him say "dada" once. All of these little steps are so huge for him. It get so happy when he meets new goals we have set for him and are working on. It is so exciting for me. Along with his physical therapist that comes to see him, we now have an early childhood developmental specialist coming to see him once a month as well. She has been so helpful and in July when she came to visit for the second time I was very discouraged. She came to see us again in August and I had so much to tell her about the progress he made. I was a proud mama. He is also signing "more" and we are currently working on "eat" and "all done." He loves to be outside, pop bubbles, and swim.

He is such a special boy. I know I say that a lot, but he has helped me appreciate what a wonder these little spirits are. These types of achievements came so easy for my girls and I just expected it from them. Everything he has accomplished has taken determination and lots of falling down and sometimes frustration for him and me. He is so happy! How blessed we are to have him. I never anticipated to have a child with health problems but I know he was sent to us for a purpose and I wouldn't change how it has all turned out. I just love him. One person who I love very much told me once that looking into his eyes is like looking into eternity. For me when I look into his little face, I see a little boy who has such a strong spirit and I feel like he knows so much more than he can say. In short I am grateful.


  1. That squeal of his is hilarious. Molly says "Do another one!" meaning another video. So please consider the request :) We love seeing your little man toddle around!! He's adorable :)

  2. Go Eli!! That's so great. I love your posts and your family. We miss our home and friends. And I miss our chats! here's our blog

  3. Eli is one strong little boy! It was great to see you and your sweet kids the other week. I liked seeing Eli up and exploring. He really has such a sweet little demeanor. Miss you and love you.

  4. Oh his cubby little face, I love it!