Monday, August 22, 2011

My great finds

We had some neighbors that moved a while ago and then they did a moving sale. There were also a few other sales happening. I called my bestie Steph and we went together. I found items that I loved. But I think, my grand prize over all were these great costumes. They were seriously $2 a piece. I saw them and I snatched them up. The girls were thrilled! They have had so much fun playing with them, and they love getting together with their friend MaKadin and playing Star Wars.

I love these pictures but I think what is the best is that you can still see feminine touches here and there, check out the pink toenails and fingernails.

Ruby also demonstrated some of her stealthy batman moves. What a treat that was. I have to say though, my favorite of the whole weekend was putting on the mask myself and getting close to Eli and making the Darth Vader breathing sounds. I would take the mask off and he would take it put it on his face and make a huffy little breathing sound. It was one of the cutest things I have seen in quite a while.


  1. I can just see you breathing heavily in that mask! What a fun mom you are and how darling that he would huff back to you! What a priceless find. Good work!

  2. and the long blond hair hehehe :) i don't remember vader having such lovely tresses hehehe.

  3. I totally love that you got those for them! How awesome are you?!?