Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Notice anything wrong?

I am sure that many years from now, if Emma hated being the middle child this picture that I have posted will be a testament to the fact that middle children get the shaft. As for myself I loved being in the middle. I felt like I had the best of both world and gained very beneficial skills I wouldn't have otherwise.

For the record. YES I love my middle child Miss Emma. And NO I did not intentionally make the mistake you will see below. Just chalk it up to tons of pictures to pick from and having to have certain photos fit a format.

My journal came UPS and as I pulled it out of the package I was thrilled until Emma got a sad look and said "Hey!" She noticed immediately and my remorse inevitably followed.

Emma's picture will be promptly placed in the cover of my new journal simply because I love her so.

A few tidbits about our Emma as of late:

-Emma has increased her title. A few months ago she preferred to be called princess and now she has made the upgrade to Princess Bunny Bear. (A name we came up with for a stuffed bear) She decided it would be a good fit.

-Emma hates to clean, there have been many a time that I have asked her to pick up her room, to which, she gets all slumpish and says in a whiny voice, "I'm tired." and then while she is supposedly picking up she has really tucked herself into her bed and is taking a nap. Sometimes they last for 3 hours. Sometimes she locks the door to keep me from pestering her. When Jed and I would discuss her in private, we would refer to her as Lazy T. Lazerton. At which point we would giggle. We are wicked aren't we?

-Her favorite movie is Sleeping Beauty.

-She is obsessed with the disney princess polly pockets my mom has at her house. They are the first thing she asks for upon arrival at Grandma's.

-I had a very sad day on Saturday and Emma sat by me on the kitchen floor while I cried and took her small little finger and would catch each little tear as it would fall. With a very compassionate look in her eyes and a quiet reassuring voice. Oh how I love this little one.

- She likes to help me pick cherry tomatoes from the garden but refuses to eat them.


  1. Oh Ash, the story of her catching your tears might be my favorite that you've ever shared. How incredibly sweet is she? Sometimes parenting feels like such a tough gig and then out of nowhere these children of God just wrap us up in so much innocent love that we can barely even let it soak in. What a sweet, sweet story. Thanks for sharing!

  2. I love your blog posts. Love them.

  3. oh, don't we just love out kids? I like to hear that you loved being the middle child. lazy lazierton...ha ha! love you.