Friday, August 26, 2011

Ruby in real life

I am waiting for my journal to come in the mail but I didn't want to forget these two important stories to write in the mean time.

Last Friday I was making dinner, and the girls were playing in the kitchen. I could hear their voices, along with jumping and laughing. Right as I was removing a pot of boiling water from the stove I was about two words into telling the girls to stay back, right when ruby and I collided and water spilled from the pot. It splashed into her braid and down her back. She was screaming and I was in a frenzy.
My first thoughts were to put her in the sink but realized it wouldn't work well space wise. I rushed her to the bathroom, taking her things off on the way so I could get her into a tub of cold water. I wasn't sure how badly she was burned. I got the water running and set her in the tub. I hurried back to the kitchen to make sure Emma hadn't touched the pot. She knew their was pasta in there and it is always such a great temptation for her to pick. All was fine. I drained the pasta and combined it with the sauce and spent the remainder of the time back and forth feeding Emma and Eli and then between bites checking on Ruby. She wasn't digging the cold water so I helped her out and gently dried her off careful not to touch the burn that was an angry red on her left shoulder blade.
I wrapped and icepack and placed it in her robe. She climbed on the bed and I tucked her in and fed her dinner by the spoonful. She was full and just wanted to rest, 5 minutes later she was asleep. Knowing there were dishes to be done and a sauce covered boy in the high chair, I reported to the kitchen for duty.
Later that evening, when Ruby woke up I asked her how she was doing. She responded as such:

"Better. When you placed me in the tub and went back to the kitchen, I said a prayer that Heavenly Father would make the burn stop hurting and in a few minutes it didn't hurt as badly."

On another occasion right before dinner, Ruby saw some neighbors out playing basketball. She poked her head out the sliding glass door and made her inquiry as to what they were doing. One of the children responded unkindly to her and I asked her to come in. When she came inside, I was feeling very mama bear,

Me: Ruby don't even talk to that boy, he is always so mean to you. Just ignore him.
Ruby: Mom, were are supposed to love everyone. Even when they are mean to us. So I am going to still talk to him even if he is mean.
Me:Where did you learn that? (I was feeling very put in my place.)
Ruby: In primary.


  1. Oh those are the moments that melt your heart and also make you feel small as a parent. It makes you realize these little spirits are so close to heaven.

  2. I love the things kids say! Too cute!

  3. I love that little Ruby girl. I'm glad your journal hasn't gotten there yet so you were forced to "jot" those stories down for us in your blog instead :)

  4. The faith and perspective of a child - what an example Ruby is. Thanks for sharing!