Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Thanksgiving weekend fun

Our initial plan for Thanksgiving was to be with my family, but we got a call from my mom on
Thursday morning informing us that she had the flu and that it was best if we made other arrangements because she felt so awful and had a really bad night. How grateful I was that the first thought that came to was that I knew we could call Jed's mom and dad and they would make room for us even though it was last minute. I love that about them.

The kids had fun with the cousins and dinner was delicious. I was in charge of rolls at my moms house and I was trying a new recipe that you make the dough and then let it raise over night in the fridge. I made the dough and ran to my sisters to borrow a crockpot and when I came back this is what I saw. I was only gone for 30 minutes. We cut the losses of what touched the fridge shelf and continued on with the rest. I LOVE this recipe so delicious and so easy.

My mom and dad had us come pick up their extra turkey and pumpkin pie, since there was no way they could possibly eat it. They had two turkeys, so Friday we spent the morning making stuffing (that was one of my other assignments.) and cooking a turkey. Ruby enjoyed a turkey leg.

We also got to work on putting up our Christmas decorations. The kids were so excited and then sort of fizzled after fluffing a few branches. I got the lights strung and the tree ready and then they helped with everything else.

I don't think I have ever posted a picture of our tree but I love it because a lot of the ornaments are homemade. Ruby and I made the wreaths and gingerbread men the first year we moved in. Jed's mom made the snowflakes. She is amazing! When she was in second grade she discovered her talent for snowflake making and I am pretty sure she was recognized for it and got to visit the principle. These are my favorite ornaments on our tree. I get really excited for the years to come when the kids bring home ornaments they made. I am sentimental like that and they will always grace our tree.

More weekend adventures to come.


  1. Your tree is beautiful!! (And yeah... Mom is the snowflake master!!)

    Too funny about your out-of-control dough :) I do LOVE homemade rolls!!

  2. That picture of Ruby eating the turkey leg reminds me of Cinderella when that overweight regal man chews on a drum stick. While I was pregnant with Everett I always craved eating a drumstick from KFC. Those snowflakes are amazing. Beautiful tree!

  3. I need a roll recipe! That is too funny they rose like that...bigger bowl next time or what? I ca't wait for my kiddos to bring home cute little hand made stuff from school either!