Thursday, December 1, 2011

Emma turns 4

We spent Emma's 4th birthday in Cedar at T and Chases home. They blessed their sweet twin boys that day. I had so many people ask me if it was hard for Emma to share her day, and the answer to that is no. Teresa gave Emma the spotlight right before the lunch and she got to blow out a candle shaped like a 4 on a box of strawberry ice cream, her favorite. It made her feel so special even if she seems serious. On the way home she told us that the best part of the day was being with her cousins.

Emma is such a vibrant girl, she has so much personality and knows what she wants to do and does it, even when it means it will end with her sticking her nose in a corner for think time. She loves to share what she has with others, dance and play with Ruby and her friends. I am thankful they include her. She is part of the crew. She is so sweet to Bubba and is a big helper and night when Ruby reads. Bubba likes to be where we are but is such a wiggle worm. Emma is so good to play "I'm going to get you" and chase Bubba even though I know she wants to be on the couch with us. She has become my little companion while Ruby is at school, and is also very good at helping cook dinner.

A funny story about Emma recently happened while I was changing Bubba. She asked me why his bum "looked like that" because her bum "doesn't look like that." I explained that all boy bums look like that. "Daddies bum doesn't look like that." She assured me. We went back and forth for a few minutes until I told her to go ask Daddy if his bum is the same as Eli's. She marched off to confirm that she was right and I was wrong. She rapped on the bathroom door and asked Jed the pertinent question. He informed her that they were the same and that was that. She turned around and shrugged and said "Daddy was right. Their bums are the same." In Emma's mind Daddy is always right unless it is regarding think time or bedtime.

Emma is my little love, and she loves to preform for the family, especially when Ruby is at her side. If there is a crowd she gets shy. Emma is such a joy, and she is the cause of many eye rolling moments at our house but we love her so much. Grateful Heavenly Father sent us so much gusto and spark in such a little body.


  1. I just love that little Emma girl!!! I sure wish she and Molly could hang out :) They would be best buds, I'm sure!! (Love the bum story... too funny!!!)

  2. That is one reason it is nice to have both sexes you get the "bum" thing right out there! haha SO cute!