Tuesday, June 4, 2013

I was 6 weeks on Sunday and blissfully thinking that I would escape "pregnancy revenge" It was wonderful thinking. I was at the park with some of my lady friends on Monday and started to feel the effects of it. I felt pretty nauseated the rest of the afternoon. the girls were out playing with friends and Eli wanted to go for a walk, so I figured moving would be good. Got back from our walk and I paid my dues to the porcelain throne. I texted Jed and said "I forgot how good it feels to throw up." :(

I made it through dinner and lounged on the couch for the rest of the evening, while Ruby was doing her eye therapy. Eli would come and pet my hair and get into my face and then turn and run, and then come back for more.

We made our announcement to our parents on Sunday, Mother's day. It was too hard to keep the secret from them because Jed sees his parents a few times a week in between work and school and I see my mom at least once a week. It was fun to tell them. My mom was confused, and my dad didn't say anything. (He had a long weekend and insisted it was because he was half asleep when I blurted it out there.)

When I told my parents I said

"So you are going to have another grandbaby."
-"Who is?"
"You are."
-"You are???"
"No you are,"
It was pretty funny.

Jed's told his parents by saying.

"What does winner, winner, chicken dinner, black jack and 21 meant to you?"

His mom immedately jumped out of her chair and started shouting "You are???? Are you serious? Are you really?" Her reactions never fail to make me smile and feel good

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  1. I hate that you are sick, but I love how you told your parents! That's just awesome!