Wednesday, June 12, 2013

summer happenings and 10 week apt.

We have had a great start to the week, Monday we went to the park with Whitty Kitty, and had an great afternoon, I had a fun visit with Kami and the kids had fun playing and Eli took a nap in a 5 point harness swing. He had the most peaceful look on his face.

Tuesday we headed up to Sandy for my Dr. appt and my sister was very nice to watch the kids for me while I was gone. She was also watching my neice and nephew so she was watching 7 children. When I got back she said " I am so happy to see you I could kiss you." If you know my sister that is the last thing on the planet she would want to do, so I knew she was glad to have me back. :)

My appt went great, after I got through the mountain of paperwork. I love Dr. L's office, they remember who I am and things about me and I like that. I got to see baby via ultrasound and saw the heartbeat. I am measuring a 5 days ahead but we will keep my due date of January 4th. I am really hoping to deliver before the end of the year. We shall see. I am scheduled appt wise up to my 20 week ultra sound in August.

Then it was off to the lab to have the maternity panel done. I told the girls that I would have to have blood drawn because they wanted to know what would happen at the appt. When Ruby heard they were going to have to put a needle in my arm and take my blood. she said "I am glad I found this out, before I started thinking about having babies."

The rest of the day was really fun. The girls had a great time being with their cousins, and I had a fun visit with Lady Erin and Sir Dallen.

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  1. "I am glad I foudn this out, before I started thinking about having babies."

    HAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!! I love Miss Ruby!