Thursday, October 17, 2013

Let's hear it for the boy

I am way late posting this, but I just wanted to give Sir Jed a shout out. There is so much I can say but perhaps that I am extremely proud of him sums it up nicely. It feels like he has been in school for forever. He did three years at the U doing undergraduate work going towards his accounting degree, got in the wrong class and found out it would be a waste of money and time, so he took the semester off and came to realize that he hated punching numbers and being behind a desk. (Which is what he did for work already) So he took a break for a while and then life happened, his job closed and the economy was a doozy, Eli was going through a lot of scary health things and we really struggled to stay afloat. We lived off our savings, and doors just didn't seem to be opening. Let's just say it was a crapshoot of a time. Because of the goodness of Heavenly Father and so many loving people around us we made it through, we really have been blessed to have what we have needed since that fateful day in 2010. I truly believe that experience has been good for us and has been the means of lifting us higher and really learning to trust the Lord and learn to ask for help and put our pride aside.

Fast forward a year and Jed realized that we were never going to be ok with out him finishing his college education. He really wanted to be a teacher but knew such a degree would not satisfy our families needs. So he put his dream on the shelf and really did some soul searching and praying about what needed to be done. He decided that Web administration and Information systems was the path he should go. He got registered, and has worked his butt off, working full time, going to school at night and having a busy church calling. In June of this year he received his associates in Web admin and has started the program towards his bachelors for Information systems.

He runs off very little sleep and has worked so hard. His GPA has never been lower than a 4.0 and he has done all of this with very little complaint. I love the boy for all that he has done and is doing. The girls always ask when daddy is going to be home and love when he is here on Wednesday nights (this semester) I often remind them that when he is not here it is because he loves them and is doing school and work so he can take care of us.

Since Jed went back to school he has wanted to work for EMC and went through a grueling month long interview process with them 2 years ago and then told they couldn't hire him because he didn't have his degree. So now that he has his degree he interviewed with them during the summer and was their #2 pick because the Linux system was his weak spot and happened to be the expertise of the interviewer, however he was told they wanted him to interview again in September and EMC came back to Jed's school at the end of August to meet with their "brightest students" Jed made that list and happened to meet with the same man who interviewed him during the summer. They had a really good hour long chat and he was told they would be in touch. 2 weeks later while I was busy setting off all of the fire alarms in the house while cooking stew meat Jed was taking a phone call from EMC about a job offer. This has been such an incredible blessing to us.

I really do believe that there is so much to learn as we wait for answers to our prayers. Just because they are not answered in the way we want them to be does not mean that we have been forgotten or forsaken, just perhaps that the timing isn't right. I am so grateful for this season in our lives where at times the lessons have been painful but ultimately the growth and learning has been great. God really is in the details and loves us more than we can possibly realize.

And for my closing remarks. Jed Romig is a fox, even though he will probably not ever see this, thank you for all you have done and continue to do for our family, you constantly astonish me and complete my life. I think you are nice and I like you. Congratulations on all of your accomplishments and for working towards your goals.


  1. What an amazing story! And a great reminder, too, about having faith and patience. Congrats to your hubby, and to your whole cute family!

  2. Let's do hear it for the boy! Man alive, I tell you, those are big sacrifices from everyone and it looks like it's paying off! Congrats on the job, wahoo!