Thursday, October 10, 2013

Uh almost 10 weeks have past.

Time has gone quick, sometimes it feels like it is going slow every time I see "what to expect when your expecting" in my room. I will be 28 weeks in 2 days and here is just a few tidbits.

-I have 11 weeks left, Dr. promised Jaxon would be here by the end of the year. Anywhere from the 27th to the 30th depending on what openings the hospital has.

-I am measuring 8 weeks ahead, but baby is measuring right on via ultrasound

-My concern about Jaxon having the same health problems as Eli was discussed with his neurologist and she said that chances are very low. So we should just plan on Jax being healthy.

-I will have an ultrasound at 38 weeks to see what the size of the baby is. I may have to have a C-section, and Dr. said if baby is showing to weigh around 9 lb then I can go for a vaginal delivery. If it is showing at 10 lb we should very seriously consider a C-section. I asked how they come up with the number just by a picture and he said they measure all parts of the baby and then make a calculation which can be a lb off in either direction. ( I am praying to avoid a c-section, for no other reason then I don't feel like I would be able to give Eli what he needed, and that worries me greatly, like getting him on and off the bus, helping him out of the tub, taking him down to his room when he needs time out, being able to help him up so I can hold him, I truly am a worry warthog, plus I don't want surgery. Everyone else would be ok.)

-I have put on 25 lbs so far which was the goal for the entire pregnancy but that has never happened to me before. I always go large and in charge. So we set a goal for me to gain another 10 lbs. That seems doable.

- I love seeing posts and blogs from good friends who are having their babies, I get giddy waiting for my turn, and I dream about the yummy smell at the hospital. :)

- I am feeling really great, just big. Jax moves a lot and just the other day I was able to feel a verifiable firm baby part pushing against my tummy from the outside. Couldn't honestly tell you what part, but a part none the less. :)

-I am also finding that the only way I can wear any maternity jeans is to roll any panel down to unmentionable levels. I am carrying him so low and and nothing fits right. I had a nice friend from my ward offer some things of varying sizes which will be really nice because my current wardrobe is not going to cut it for much longer.


  1. You are getting so close!!! I love the name you've picked out for him. So cute! I hope everything goes well and you can have a vaginal delivery.

  2. hello fellow worry wart hog! You look absolutely precious and fantastic. I too worry about the weight gain. I only have 5 weeks left and was doing so good for so long. Now, I am like forget it! It's hard I tell ya. All that matters is everyone is healthy.

    So, with the C-section and your concerns with Eli, just remember it's all temporary. Your girls, and husband would be so helpful and Eli will make it. 8 weeks seems like a long time, but it's just a hiccup. I do hope you and my babies stay baby sized. No need to birth toddlers!