Tuesday, October 29, 2013

30 weeks

Normally when I get to my Dr. office they get me right back. It was quite difficult this time though, cause I had to wait for 40 minutes and this mama had to pee. Gratefully I got some fun text updates from Kim about her appt to keep my mind off the waterworks.

Everything is looking good, measuring 7 weeks ahead now and I gained 3 lbs. Feeling most accomplished I really want to stay within my last 10 lb goal we set.  Baby is super active and sometimes I swear he is up in my ribs, the girls love to feel him move around and Eli likes to give my belly loves and then he sticks his face right up next to it and screams. Perhaps then it won't be such a shock to Jax as to the noise level he will be coming home to. :)

I have all my appt scheduled now, and with that being done it feels like I am in the final stretch. My weight check ultrasound is scheduled for the 19 of Dec. and then we can make plans as to what needs to happen. I also have my last appt on the Christmas Eve which will be fun, and a little excuse to get up to my mom's house and see her in the morning.

I am also feeling extremely blessed, Jed came home last night and told me that his company has holiday pay that he has to use or lose before the end of the year. Absolutely splendid timing! We were just planning on him taking it off without pay. This however is a much better alternative.

Today I let Ruby take my picture before she left for school, apparently I have  puffed up like a toad. I am going to just say that it is my hair and the scarf. Yes that is what it is. The wardrobe choice is to blame. I will be firing my assistant today. :)

Also my new latest past time is entertaining Mr. Romig with my insane dreams while he is getting ready for work and while I am just waking up. My latest dream entails Jed hijacking a UTA bus and taking us all to his work and then telling me to drive it home and that he would appreciate me  picking him up.

I stopped by my moms house before I headed back home and it was so cute finding my dad in the kitchen with my mom baking 50 dozen cookies for the Scouting commemoration tonight. It was his idea to have them come unbaked(I think it saved him like 50 %) so he chose to stay home and help mama get them all baked. They are cute.


  1. Pretty pretty lady. (Puffed up toad? For real Ash? Not even close!!!)

    I can't believe you're 30 weeks already. How exciting!!

    I had CRAZY pregnancy dreams too!! I love the one you shared with Jed today LOL.

  2. I love reading your blog. So glad you are blogging again. Love the picture Ruby took of you. You need a picture of you pregnant with Jaxon. Good for scrapbooking. Love you my dear Ashley!

  3. yay for the final stretch! looking good! and I love how magically when you are pregnant money starts to find you. I walked out of walmart and a $20 bill was laying on the ground with no one in sight to claim it but me. Tender mercies are so great.

  4. I think you look great!! I make Jared take like 20 pictures before I give up and go with the best one. How I look in my head is much better than how I actually look. I wish I could show everyone what I really look like. ;) That's awesome Jed will have some pay! Jared only took a few days off of work while I was in the hospital and one day after. I wish he could have taken more. I am so excited for you to be meeting your new little boy soon!

  5. It's been too long since I've been on here. This is such a sweet post. I love your morning dream story time with Jed. I can't believe you and Kimmie are almost ready!