Monday, October 28, 2013

Students of the month and the usual

In the past two months, Emma and Ruby have been recognized as students of the month. I didn't get a picture of Emma on her special day because we had to rearrange the time for us to come in and see her get her award because Eli had a neurology appt. Emma was recognized for being an excellent student and Ruby was recognized for being a hero and not a bully.

I was very hesitant to take Eli to the award ceremony, but did anyway. He did quite well. :)

Eli loves getting his picture taken, and will readily say cheese and get as close to the camera as he can. He has also really enjoyed reading certain books. His two favorites right now are "It's not easy being small" and "The sad mule" I like when we read the sad mule because he loves to say "Not Cuuuttte" Another funny little tidbit is that he loves to run around in his diaper if we are home and just wants his clothes off, I allow it as long as he will wear clothes outside the house. When Jed has late nights with school and Eli is having a hard time sleeping,(he won't come out of his room) I go and get him and he smiles and asks for "bednet" We have a really cosy blanket on our bed from Jed's mission that has an eagle and a motorcycle and he thinks the wings look like a net. He immediately settles in and will stay put and go right to sleep. I will usually take a bath while he is going to sleep and when I am done I love coming and laying by him and watching him sleep. He is so precious.

We flaked on our wards chili cook off, Ruby mooched an invitation from the neighbors and Jed and Emma ended up going on a daddy daughter date to cold stone to use her gift card from Christmas. They had a great time, and really do look forward to having him home.Jed informed me that he and Emma had a good chat about Emma's like of giving boys kisses on the cheek in kindergarten.

We have had a fun time playing games with the girls in the evening once Eli goes to bed, (he can't leave the pieces alone) some of our favorites are Quirkle, Authors and Incan Gold. I love watching their faces as they check their cards, or as the wheels in their head are turning as they decide what the best move is, and the verbal expressions they come up with. It has also been a great opportunity to teach the girls about being good sports. It seems that we have bred incredibly competitive children.


  1. My boys call it "nakies". They always take off their clothes and run around saying Nakies, Nakies, Nakies! They crack me up. I don't know what it is about boys and liking not wearing clothes. :)

  2. Oh aren't kids the best! I love to see them accomplish good things. I wonder if it's the age, but Clay would shed his pants all the time. We'd be at friends house and they'd be pants on the floor and be like, "Clay's here." I wish I could do the same. :) I love the pictures of your kids. It's fun to see how big they are getting.

  3. Ahhh Quirkle. Tell Ruby that the next time I'm in town we're DEFINITELY playing :)

  4. I most certainly have very cute grandchildren. It is fun to hear about all of the goings on at the Romig home. You should become a writer, because your blog is always so fun and so Ashley. Love you my sweet daughter.