Sunday, January 26, 2014

4 weeks

4 weeks of having Jax here has gone so much faster than 4 weeks of pregnancy. We have had a plethora of emotions around here this week. We had to move Eli's bed time back an hour because he wasn't tired enough to go to sleep at 7. I am mourning the loss of that hour with just the girls, change can be hard sometimes. My girls have been on the more emotional end of things as well, and when my I am at my wits end (yes it happens) lock myself in my room with the baby and eat a treat and take a few good breaths.

Eli has spent more time in his room this week because when the girls are upset, he can't fight the urge to get in their faces and make things worse. However a trip to his room is the worst punishment, and you can hear that he doesn't like it because he hits his door super hard and cries, and then when he comes out he is more loving and willing to cooperate. Parenting is hard sometimes, and I would be an extreme liar if I didn't say that I love when my kids go to bed, it is my recharge time. I am spent by the end of the day.

Ruby an another classmate broke the good  behavior record in their class and could choose between a variety of prizes, my girl chose her reward to be eating lunch with the Principal. :)

Emma loves to get her time in with Jax in the morning right after Ruby leaves for school and before she has to leave, she sits in the rocking chair with him for at least 30 minutes every morning. She is usually our doddler when it comes to getting ready for school, this has provided great motivation for her to get up and get going so she can hold Jax.

Jax is growing and his eyes have lost that slate blue look, they have taken on a beautiful blue color and he is filling out and growing like a weed. He is such a hungry little guy and can go from content to a horrific purplish red color in a matter of 30 seconds when he wants to eat and we don't accommodate as quickly as he would like, he calms down just as quickly though.

He has given us his first few intentional smiles and when we talk to him it is like you can just see the excitement of it run through his little body. I love seeing his facial expressions and the girls like to pull the same faces and show them to me. :)

We had a fun visitor last week from Alaska. My aunt was here visiting her daughter who just had her baby the week after Jax and she called and came to see us. She played games with my girls and we had a fun time visiting.

Ruby had her dress fitting on Friday. It is beautiful, I knew she loved it by the way she was spinning in it before it was time to get it pinned so the zipper could be put in. When she had her baptism interview the Bishop asked her 2 questions "Do you want to be baptized?" and "Why are we baptized?" Ruby told him " Because it is the first step to making it back to Heavenly Father." The Bishop told Jed he had never heard an 8 year old give him and answer like that. She has progressed very quickly with her Article of Faith memorization and we are currently working on #9, which she has down pat except for the few extra words she adds in at the end.

Emma asked me the other day "Does daddy have school tonight?" I told her yes, and her face dropped quickly. I told her that Daddy would be done with his Bachelors in December and then he would be home with us every evening. Her face lit up as she said "That means we can have family time any time we want to." I know they miss him so much when he isn't here, but this year is going to just fly by.

This is how Jax feels about turning 4 weeks. I am feeling it too friends, I am feeling it too.


  1. It is so great to hear about your life at home with Baby Jax. And miss Ruby getting baptized... love her answer. What a sweet girl. Love ya Ashley hope to see you soon

  2. oh my goodness, he is growing like a weed! I love that your girls broke the being good record. That's fabulous. Eating lunch with the principal, oh to be young again! I love that Eli is acting like a brother, it made me smile. Girl, I feel you on bed time. Ay yi yi. I am excited to hear about Ruby's baptism. And yay for upcoming bachelor degrees! That's wonderful news. We are currently looking into grad school. it's like the schooling fun will never end!

  3. The comment and picture at the end made me giggle. :) Being a baby is hard work! He is adorable. I loved the picture of Emma with Jax. She is so sweet. When Brynn is awake, it's craziness in our house. The boys don't know what gentle means. How sweet to have two older sisters to care for you and an older brother to have fun with. Jaxon has it all!

  4. Oh how I wish I could help by being there...but maybe my prayers have helped make it better than it would have been!
    I am so proud of Ruby...and her parents who have taught her so well!
    We love each one of you so very, very much. We'll be with you in our hearts on Saturday.
    :) Zanne/Mom/Grandma/Zuster Romig