Tuesday, October 6, 2009

F.or Y.our E.ntertainment

Here are some family funnies that just had to be shared, that I didn't want to forget.

-Last week Emma was crying in the middle of the night, I went to go get her and discovered that she had stripped down to the suit she was born in and proceeded to mark her territory in her crib. I looked at the clock and saw that it was 2:30 am. Which meant there was no chance of sneaking a pair of fresh jammies from the dresser in Ruby's room, no going back to her own bed, and there was no way I was changing sheets that early in the morning. So I took her frigid little body back to bed and finished out the night sleeping like a champ since she cuddled with Jed.

-Ruby has been going back and forth on what she wants to be for Halloween and could spend hours pouring over costumes on the internet with me. When I picked her up from Preschool last Friday we had this little conversation.

Ruby: "Mommy you promised I could be Ariel for Halloween. "

Me: "Ruby don't you think you would make a good Emily Elizabeth and Emma would make the cutest Clifford the Big Red Dog?"

Ruby: " No! I think I would make a cute Ariel and Emma would be the cutest Ursula ever."

Me: "Where did you get that idea, Ruby?"

Ruby: "The Holy Ghost."

-My girls have come down with a serious love of washable body art, which was inspired from a little visit from Grandma Cook's house while I was at a Dr. appointment. I came back to Ruby being fully tattooed with glasses, spiders, flowers, chair on her leg, a rainbow, and a purple mustache. Mind you my mother did beautiful work, in fact it could have become her full time profession. Ruby assured me it would come off with a wipe. To this day the girls love a little self produced body art, Ruby always has a rainbow on her hand and Emma whatever contact she can make with the marker. Yes, my girls had fun yesterday.

At preschool yesterday, they made witches hats. When I came to pick Miss Ruby up her teacher stopped me at the door to tell me of a tangent Ruby went off on in class. She told her teacher that they "Aren't witches hats but wizard hats like Mary Potter wears. I listen to Mary Potter in the car but mommy won't let me watch it because it is too scary. But when I am older she will let me and Emma watch it." I am so glad that Mrs. Rodabaugh shares these little tidbits with me because I wouldn't know about them otherwise.

As for the pregnancy everything has been going extremely well. I have had a cold and sometimes in the morning the congestion causes my stomach to constrict when I cough. One morning when I got sick I had to use the girls bathroom because Jed was in ours. Ruby came screeching into our room screaming "Daddy! Mommies throwing up!" Once I came out I told her I was ok, and she said "Someday mommy, when I get big, I'm going to throw up just like you."


  1. Hi Ashley! I am SO excited we're blog friends now. It's been ages! Your girls are so grown up and pretty--and Ruby sounds so funny, I've been laughing out loud a lot while reading through your posts. I hope your cold goes away soon. Congratulations on another baby--how exciting! When are you due? Where are you living right now? Wow, I feel like a loser for not knowing these things =)

  2. PS--I just caught the due date, so you can disregard that question. Hooray!

  3. I know you already told me those stories yesterday, but they are still just as funny! Hope all stays well. FYI: they are now hoping for next Wednesday... :( although it is sooner than next Friday...it still seems like forever away!

  4. Okay, you have the silliest and cutest kids. I love how you told the story of emma marking her territory...so funny. Okay and Ruby!! "The holy ghost told me." She's a nut. I love it and I love you!

  5. Okay I'm not sure what made me laugh harder... "The Holy Ghost" or "I'm going to throw up just like you" ROFLMBO. "Mary Potter" was pretty dang funny too. Love the stories!

  6. Love Ruby's funny comments, Mary Potter and Ursula for Emma! Awesome!